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The four year event is just few hours away. The grandest celebration of sports the Olympics 2012 kickoff this time in London.  We Indians are a crazy lot, we know the passes Xavi made in 2012, we know the misses from Suarez, people remember the pit stop time of Ferrari in the last German Grand Prix. Ussain Bolt creates fervor and there is no one you will meet who doesn't worship Messi. Let us all Indians come together and celebrate all the Indian players taking part in various sports and disciplines in this summer Olympics 2012. Let every win by each athlete better the celebrations after Dhoni whacked one out of Wankhede and Diwali visited every Indians home before April 2011 ended.

India is sending her largest Olympic contingent ever, 58 men, 23 women in 54 events in 13 sports. Let us come together and let Mary Kom know that hands that rocks the cradle can also rock jaws. Let Ronjan Sodhi shoot the double trap down and Gangan Narang shoot from the hip. Let victory be sweet to Abhinav Bindra. Jwala Gutta and Diju create flutter in mixed double badminton let Ashwini return every Chinese smash. Let us drool on every drop shot with which Saina inches ahead. Let us the tell the women and men in Archery team Deepika Rani and Rahul Banerjee that no ones has rained arrows better at the bulls eye. Chekrovolu Swuro and Laishram Bombayla Devi spruce up the individual and team event in archery.

Let us all get together when Shivinder sets the cat among the pigeons with finesse, touch and skill when he scores in hockey. Let the Indian hockey captain Bharat Chhetri how courage and determination and stop everything that come his way. Sardara and Sunil and Tushar let us tell every one that hockey is still alive and kicking in the ruins and rubbled which was triggered by our hockey administrators. Let the world see Sushil Kumar's prowess when he carries the tricolour in his hands. Krishna Poonia and Vikas Gowda dent the track and field with the discuss throw. Let us back Somdev, Rohan, Leander and Mahesh and Sania to play their best tennis and get together for glory once more. Manoj Kumar and Vijender we know will punch with all their might and settle all the odds Indian athletes have been stacked by our privileged sports authorities(?).

Indian sport mired by callousness and apathy, best scene in the movie “Chak De India” sports other than Cricket, are kept out of peoples mind. Our athletes, have burden of such a large nation, they deserve better, in terms of how to learn and improve. Last year hockey TEAM was struggling to find finance of 1 Crore,a newbie in IPL may get 20 lakhs for every delivery he bowls. There lies a disconnect. I mean I don't know why government is managing sports. BCCI resembles a high power conference of Members of Parliament. It is not that politicians shouldn't be there, but somehow who can help make that particular sports better should be a welcome. A small change is there underway. But changing the whole mindset will take time, Our athlete till then will be continue to bear the burden of our expectations and sport administrators doubts.

I real want to see our athletes performing well. I believe if Indian athletes instead of competing with other athletes, imagine their sport administrations governing body members, then an Olympic medals should not be that tough to comeby. The list of athletes of Indian Contingent is here on this wiki link. It would be in many ways,be a proof that our athletes can compete and win against all odds (read as the system).

Best of luck to all of our athletes in all the events, who would be leading the front. I hope you give us all lot of memories to cherish and opportunity to write a few more inspiring tales. We are already proud of all our athletes.

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