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The hysteria after 26 November 2008, terrorist attack took less than six months to wilt. All that the people had to do was come out and vote and all they did was enjoyed couple of days holiday (then and now). I thought we all would be voting in huge numbers, a large number of people showed they don’t wanna face either bullets nor ballots. Not coming out and voting justifies neither protest nor appreciation. In fact, it is a form of resignation from the people of Mumbai city. It is the way of saying that we live our lives like animals and we love it anything else is something we don’t seek.

Anyways in the dance of democracy I too did my jig. I went and voted, I did so for the first time in my life. Voting is not a right (ask the people in neighbouring countries) it is a duty. It may not be divine, it may be choosing the lesser evil, it may be something else. But it is one way of saying yes we believe in our ethos, we may be pragmatic, albeit cynical but then it is our duty to be cynical. We all have reduced to mortal being and projecting our rights and neglecting our duties. We have reached a tipping point, people who don’t vote must not cry hoarse and personally people who don’t pay taxes or vote should banished. They are the ones who are the rusting, degrading system that only believe in pointing other. The primal excuse being, it was too hot.
In the bad times, economic, political instability, terrorism, least with which could do was to go there cast or vote, so many ads especially from Jaago Re and all that enticing them to come out and vote, those people who did the Jaago re forgot that people in Mumbai city are moral dead and have they conscious on death support. I guess it was a trend that no one saw coming. It is only the signs of things to come, I mean it is an omen of bad times to come, political stability and economic hardship and tough living conditions for the people of this city. I think we deserve it.

The democracy is dancing alright, but there are a few worrying issues, will the elections in 2009 break the trend of 1989 and 1999, when there was this political turmoil and instability, Indian economy took a heavy beating and weigh down by wrestlers in the political arena? Click on this site to check out the a sneak peak about the history of Indian elections.Only times will tell all indications are towards a hung parliament and a lethargic economy and increasingly stalled state of affairs. If only people come out and presented a chance for a consolidated mandate. The point is, I wont a government to be in majority,but I didn't think it is likely possibility. I think I may have to vote again pretty soon.

I feel one of the reason I have for often being blog blocked because I sense that one day all the Shakespeares, Frosts, Dickens, who have been sleeping all the while will wake up in me and I will write such a post that I will leave all the nominees behind or be the only name in contention for all the literary awards ever won. Magnanimity has limits too. But I certainly believe that practice makes one perfect.Like all things in life, blogging should also be practiced as often as possible. I often thinking about throwing some light on Ads. There are some really good ads featuring on the tele these days.I think the Tata Indicom one was good.Then the crown of lethargy that I wear around every where I go, make me not do things. I should win over some title of aristocracy. Now come on people who do nothing are either aristocrats don't do much except turn the plots in novels and catch the paparazzi napping.

Manna Dey celebrates his b'day on 1 May. He has been an awesome singer and he has perhaps seen Hindi movies from it's infancy to the big behemoth it is grown to today. He has sung some amazing chart busters and still continues to sing and practice with same diligence. There is a story about Manna Dey. His uncle was a great musicial of his times, Manna Dey took part in a singing competion when he was in school, his uncle told him to take part in all forms of singing, there were 10 types of competition on different styles and languages. He accepted and took apart and won in all ten of them. Thats some class.

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sen the dude said...

well i too was anticipatin this ,,, even de mirror head line stated as bhaaago re.... this is so cynical abt de mumbaikar's... if we cant do our duty den we need to just shut up and no one has ever rights to blame any1 :-(
i tried hard to get my self registered but i cud nt do ...

Cuckoo said...

So many of them didn't vote.

Some say the govt. should have taken care not to have it with the long weekend making it a little more longer.

But people are not responsible, they are selfish of a short term... enjoy long weekends w/o giving a thought why was that holiday in first place. They know how to blame.

Dink said...

I know my vote would hardly matter here in Gandhinagar, where Advani is going to win anyway.. But I wanted to because I have something that my north-west neighbour does not have - right to vote.

I know which friends of mine did not vote.. next time I hear them talking bad about the country or the government, I'll tell them they deserve much worse - Pakistan. Not the Varun Gandhi way though

Tarun said...

@ Senti: Never mind dude, better luck next time.

@ Cuckoo: Yeah we (us, Indians) are best at blaming and crying foul.

@ Dink: :) Dot Arvind.

Keshi said...

Im apolitical Tarun.


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Politics is in our blood.

Pinks said...

i voted too :)