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This blog page is a the best means creatively utilizing my frugal and ever diminishing capabilities (if any). I believe everyone must utilize and enhance their abilities by doing something creative and expressive, by pursuing some creative hobby e.g. for me it is my blog. I am in complete awe of people who can sing, dance, paint, sculpt, cook, write. My blog is an attempt to express in words the pictures that flash vividly but sporadically in the alleys of my mind.

I started blogging in 2005 and  the single biggest challenge while writing the first blog post  for me, back then; was to write one single full page of something that I would at least, make sense, to me. I am happy that I continue to update, my blog till date, even if it is once in a long while. My blogs often revolve around my life and my attempt to call it a spade if it resembles a spade. My blog gives me a great sense of joy and little sense of purpose and fulfillment. I wish to write everyday. The ABC of the posts I write is - About, Blog and Cricket. The topics staring with About pertains to an event or personality; Blog depicts the cobwebs in my mind & my contemplations about this world; Cricket posts are about a cricket match which was played in the near past or preview to an .

I am an avid cricket fan. I regularly blog on cricket matches that I  follow, especially the ones in which Indian Team plays. I also have interest in learning nuances of life besides curiosity for trivia. I believe we can always agree to disagree. I like to read novels and biographies, but following fictional themes is difficult for me to comprehend. I am a ready film buff,comedy, thrillers, murder mysteries. I love Old Hindi movie songs. I am smitten by digital age - social media, technology etc.

I like to consider myself as a true Gemini. I have little to complain about my life. I consider myself to be really lucky and truly blessed, God has always been kind and very generous, I remain thankful for that everyday. I live in hope; I live to laugh. Life has plans for everyone, including me. Whatever happens, happens for good; give it your best & forget the rest.

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