About: The coming weekend.

Lets wait and see how things turn up. One would do that if didn't they knew what was about to come. I know and I have a plan fixed I have a date with CAT coming weekend. This CAT is such a flirt that there are atleast 190 thousand more with me to feel this CAT again. I swear it is such a fun to plan this weekend on Monday morning itself.

CAT trap.

It is all in the figures.

The last time was fun and I hope this time it is fun too. I had manged 86.79 percentile last time. I think it wasn't good enough to land me at MICA, a B-School in Ahemdabad. This time around it is M.D.I. Gurgaon and MICA. I may not be the best prepared but who is? I mean u want to do more and more in the last few days and push the envelope. I manged to add beef to my DI scores with a decent 15 the earlier scores use to be around 9 to 11/ I know this isn't good enough but I have to push the DI scores above 18. Not the most toughest of task. Quantitative Section (read Maths) took a beating but then I saw it coming. My co-ordinator at IMS always use to tell me two things don't make it right but three wrongs do. I have been following this strategy and it pays. But often due to a bad habit of hastening up things I don't obviously eliminate the third option ending up marking wrong answers, I need to avoid this mistake.
Another grave mistake is marking wrong answers, I mean solve it correctly and then marking the wrong options, a classic case of many a slip between the cup and lip. the case of hastening is again pretty evident here. I must take control of things.

I am reading my own mind.

The next to verbal. I was proud of my reading ability but I am slowly realizing I am not as good. My reading speed settles at 25o words a minute where else ideal case calls for 400 words perminute. It is not tough though I think I will be pushing myself here. The instinct is very important here I think u have to listen to it there is no way out. I will revise grammar atleast once. I think I have not touched at vocab at all may be 3 hours in all week is what I pegged for it. I wil do lots of reading and brush up on grammar. My conclusion is to get hold of Prepositions, Participle, Verbs, Gerunds etc. It helps in eliminating the wrong options. In vocab there is case of nouns and verbs as homonyms, advise and advice, which is which U advise? I would love if I am able to read on Word Power Made Easy for one last time. It is a great book just to read. I will try to read exclusively and will be itching to lay my hands on anything which can be read.

The ghost in my mind.

Mental blocks are the heaviest. I don't know the probable reason but Data Interpretatiopn (DI from now on) is a big mental block. I need to overcome it. I think my misery is compounded due to the fact I am not reading the questions correctly, make questions on my own and answering them. I often get overwhelmed while sloving them in class but whn I am pretty relaxed I get decent marks in D.I. I am decent in Maths and DI I falter because i tie my own legs and then try a CAT walk.

This was all my CAT, I hope I have cleared my mind. Whenever I sit and study I can listen to Bryan Adams as if he is singing only for me, wont that be some fun. Hail Bryan.

I wish each of the Candidates all the best for CAT. Best Wishes to fellow Bloggers Anshul and Sudeep as well.


Neha said...

I know what it feels like..have gone through the same in 2003...also 2004..remember?
CAT got leaked in 2003, therefore, it was again held in FEB in 2004..but need not worry..just relax and take the test...most of our mistakes are due to the fact that we are so worked up ...
Also, since it is the last week, try rvising stuff u have done, instead of learning new things..trust me it will help u...coz after the exam most of the times we are like, "shit!!!i had done that before, but just couldnot recall how to do it!"

GolbGuru said...

Good luck dude.

Sakshi said...

Good Luck..
Just have confidence in your ability and you will bell the CAT :)
25 words/min... I smiled when I heard that.

Keshi said...

hey Tarun ALL DA BEST dude! Ur gonna conquer it for sure :)


The Light-House. said...

@ Neha: Point taken ... will try to use that. I too prefer the funda of revize before u leap for exams.

@ Golb: Thanks man.

@ Skashi: That was a typo ... it was meant to be 250 words.

@ Keshi: Thanks U Keshi.Words of courage always inspire.

Keshi said...

and I hope u will update with good news. ALL DA BEST Tarun!


Rohit Talwar said...

Thanks dude! You too.. Be good and do well. :)

The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi: Thank U so Much.

@ Rohit: Thank U pal. U too take it easy.and off course do well.

Lavanya said...

I know this is late and would sound cliched but all the very best and let us know how it went!