About: iPOD...Rocks

It was deifinetly a merry Christmas me.I might have forgotten to add it in my blog The Year 2005:Personal Aspect.I think this year has been no different interms of getting great gifts from parents and brothers and bhabhis. I got a digital camera which I absoultely adore.
The Christmas became merriers when he gifted me an iPod Nano.The quality of music rocks.It is great fun to listen to music on an iPod.It might be on an expensive side.But playing music on it rocks.I have patched in some favorite songs and some pictures.
I think iPod Rocks and Rocks hard


Sakshi said...

I agree. iPOD is the quity a nifty thing to have around. I don't have the nano since I had to get mine before they sold that. I also have a dell jukebox which is a bulky but a cheaper version. So if you are in mind to get something to store more music, check it out.

The Light-House. said...

I just got an iPod Nano ;-p

Caleb said...

any idea how much it costs?? I'd like an ipod! tired playing the songs on my cellphone