Blog: Switch to Australian Open.

The pitch at Lahore was the main reason to switch from Cricket to Tennis. There is a Grand Slam, which is under way in Melbourne, Australia. This hard court tournament is often a cemetery for seeds just as Lleyton Hewitt and Venus Williams found out. The Indian teen queen, Sania Mirza bowed out in Second round. I heard on TV “Super Sania crashes out of Australian open” with due regards and nothing against Sania she is at present not exactly a favourite to win a Grand Slam. I think she has truckloads of talent and I hope she does India proud by winning big matches. If she does this on continuous basis, there is no reason why she can’t be on top of the heap. There is a big scope of improvement in her serve.
I would like to talk about Lleyton Hewitt. He some times fails to please and some times over assertive and over aggressive about his game. If he uses this properly, he is likely to express a better form of tennis. I did say he fails to impress and he did lose his second round match. William sisters the power house of women Tennis again got a false start with Venus whittle away in the harsh Aussie summer and Serena made to stretch for her victory. I thought I saw more than one Chinese girl playing in the tournament.
These days women tennis is a Russian roulette more than anything else. They all are fragile looking glamour dolls serving at close to 180 miles per hour. That’s some power.
There is much media attention in women Tennis for obvious reason. This I think is a positive for the game of Tennis. If there has been any media adequate attention in women’s sport, I think it is in the game of Tennis.
Martina Hingis is centre of everyone’s attention. She has come out of retirement to compete again hopping over series of ankle injuries. She is just 25. She has won everything, everywhere and grinded everyone to dust. I must tell few incidents you about the Swiss Miss. She seeked permission to enter “Wimbledon Ball” coz she was less than minimum permissible age of 18 to enter into the ball. The second one was serving Steffi Graff an under hand serve in the French Open which was last for Steffi Graff and then soon hung her racket. Steffi was awesome.
Juan Carlos Ferrero won a tough five setter this morning. I love the Grand Slam just for one reason; I get to see five setters. It is good fun to watch. Roger Federer is the obvious certainty to pick up some silver ware. He plays Tennis which is an absolute delight to watch. No noises no fuss just goes there play hard and win. I love his game. It reminds me of Sampras. I hope he stands up and wins more Grand Slams then Pete Sampras.


Nessa said...

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Thanks for stopping by..
Like the research you did on the blogs by people named Tarun.. Its something I wanted to do, but could never find myself inspired enough to do it..

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~Lord Anshul said...

i think tht on hard court surface of melbourne, only roddick might gove fedrer some run, rest all are like mortals against god :D

and i luv hingis......

The Light-House. said...

@ Nessa:Mention Not I am always searching for people to make a strong blogging community....
@ Tarun:Hey I thought people won;t turn up,Nice to see some response.Take Care.
@ Lord Anshul:I agree.Roddick is by far the plyer to watch out.As for Hingis lets see is she as good as she was some years ago?

P'tit-Loup said...

Great to see other tennis fans blogger! Unfortunately saw Roddick go down today.

Sudeep said...

Given an option betn test match n tennis match i would anytime choose the latter :)