About: Getting Tagged Part A

R.P.M. tagged me. So here his Part-A of being tagged ,

Ten Years Ago.
- Studied in school.
- played all sorts of games.
- wondered about the internet.
- Began loving cricket.
- Entered “teens”.

Five Years Ago.
- was giving my twelfth board.
- watched every ball of Australia vs India at the Eden Gardens.
- Did not know where I would be heading.
- wondered about the internet.
- Had a long vacation.

Last One Year.
- Completed Engineering.
- Hooked on to blogging.
- Bid Adieu to friends of a life time.
- Spent lots of time, introspecting.
- Missed lots of people.

- still don’t know where I would be heading.
- went shopping.
-Sat and completed this tag.
- Opened my book on Vedic Maths.
- Slept in the afternoon.

Five Things Planned for next 5 Years.
- Do a PG Course.
- get into a job.
- stick to blogging.
- Stand tall on my feet.
- May get married.

Five Yummy Things.
- Cold Coffee.
- Parathas.
- Swiss Miss (A Pastry).
- Chocolates.
- Ice Creams.

Five Songs I know by heart.
- When you are Gone – Bryan Adams.
- Raat ke ham-safar – Rafi and Asha.
- Mere Meheboob Qayamat – Kishore.
- Main Zindagi ka Saath - Rafi.
- Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams.

Five Things I'd do If I had Money.
- Invest.
- Donate.
- Start a radio station.
- Buy books.
- Travel.

Places I Escape To.
- blogging.
- sleep.
- books.
- garden.
- songs.

TV Shows.
- Click - BBC.
- Biography – History Channel.
- Discover Showcase.
- Drew Carrey Show.
- Imagination - BBC.

Five Things I Can't Live Without.
- My Family.
- Oxygen.
- Cricket.
- tv.
- Laughter.

Five Things I Can Live Without.
- Hypocrites.
- Inequality.
- jealousy.
- backbiters/manipulators.
- Bad Memories.

Five Favourite Ethnic Cuisines.
- Desi Fast food (Chaat, Samosas etc)
- Italian.
- Chinese.
- Mongolian.
- Ethiopian.

Five best places to visit.
- Spiti.
- Prague.
- Mauritius.
- Arctic Circle.
- Leh.


PuNeEt said...

looks like i've been ages here before ;-)
so many posts :-)

This one a nice tag :-)

vedic maths
hmmm sounds cool

lolz @ stick to blogging
u better :-)

radio station sounds cool
i'll apply for RJ
remember me ;-)

cool list buddy

PuNeEt said...

hey at the end of ur post... it showes who all commented on the current post.... thats really cool
how to do that :-)


The Light-House. said...

@ Puneet:Hey go to blogger help and check the tweaks in "Comments".
I will try and patch up a link.

Tarun said...

Nice to know about you and it's good you clear about swiss miss ;)

Sakshi said...

HEy Tarun.. this a good tag. Such a simple way to introduce yourself.

The Light-House. said...

Tarun @ Tarun:I knew people would raise doubts.It is a chocolate pastry from the local bakery.
@ Sakshi:Thank U.