About: Rang De Basanti

This weekend threw up an opportunity to see a movie. I had the good fortune of getting the tickets to Rang De Basanti. This movie was far better than last Aamir movie namely Mangal Pandey, The Rising which I thought was more about low neck blouses in the background of Indian Mutiny of 1857. This movie once again underlined the acting prowess of an Aamir Khan. All the other actors supported the movie wonderfully. Madhvan had a guest appearance along with Waheeda Rehman, Anupam and Kirron Kher and Om Puri. Ok Kirron Kher was a supporting actor.
The first half of the movie was all about care free, what I call funky-groovy-jazzy stuff. Aamir Khan was looking closer to 25 at the age of 40 than I do at 23. All the hoop-halla was covered well. I think people (include me also) do need to wake up. The few scenes which stood out of a propose by Madhvan to Soha the antics of Aamir, Sharmaan Joshi. The other guy was busy throwing away cigarette stub in disgust. Then there was an interview scene of people in a college. Vaande Mataram in a squeaky voice was the one which stood out. Gautam Kapoor’s get up is the get up to be in. Long hair and a stylish beard, cool I m must say. The song to play to were the title track Rang De Basanti and Rubaru not to forget Maasti ki Paathshaala. The movie then is headed so an obvious turn. There is again a death in the “Flying Coffin” also known as MiGs on the Indian Air Force.
The second half of the movie is all about making a baboon realize a mistake of calling a professional Indian Air Force pilot as careless and mean. It is then that cast of movie decided to do that something is done and something is really done. Then they decide that whatever had been done; had to be acknowledged as well. Then the movie goes into an emotional mode after that. The heroes were slain. The victory claimed. Should the fact that end is pretty parallel to Gladiator must be considered as a ‘coincidence’ only?    
There was some technical stuff in the movie some C.G.I. † (Computer Generated Images) the flying Jets and Jet stream looked neat along with blast of a plane.  The most thrilling seen was collage of flash back and real story in real time. Man that was some doing. The music is very good, neatly done by A.R. Rahman. He is always up to something. The songs are good and in harmony with the pace and mood of the movie. This movie is in the same league as Dil Chahta Hai, Yuva, very youthful very energetic.
The movie made me think as to what happen first the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre or the train loot at Kakori Station. I think it was Jallianwalla Bagh Massacre first then the train loot.
Bryan Adams played in the city of Mumbai. I hope there were bloggers there to cover the maestro live. I hope I too get a chance too see him playing live. I know I will because like him I too will be 18 Till I Die……..


Sayesha said...

RDB is the kind of movie that you need a few days to digest. Somewhat Swades-like. You step out of the movie feeling overwhelmed, and it plays in your head for a few days before you realise what you absorbed from it.

emotions said...

Good post !!!
i haven't sen this movie yet...really not finding time to catch it up !! but for sure be it later i will watch this movie....n then let the people know abt my experience....

all d bst !!
keep writing n keep smiling :-)

The Light-House. said...

@ Sayesha: I did not see swades :-( can't say much.But some of songs from 'Swades' were good.
@ Emotions: Thank you.U take care as well.I will b looking forward to your post.