About: Whats in & Whats out?

In. (read this list first)

1. Appreciative Attitude.
2. Birthday Parties.
3. Bread Toast and Butter.
4. Broad Band.
5. Caps.
6. Casual Shoes.
7. Clear and Crisp Mornings.*
8. Comedy Shows.
9. Dean Jones.
10. Decisiveness.
11. Doing Duties.
12. February 2006.
13. Freedom of Speech.
14. iPod/MP 3 Player.
15. Jeans with Patches.
16. Just do it.
17. Long Hair.
18. Nitish Kumar.
19. Orange Juice.
20. Programmes on BBC.
21. Martina Hingis.
22. Radio.
23. Rahul Dravid.
24. Rang De Basanti.
25. Rediff.com
26. Retro sexual.
27. Sachin Tendulkar’s form.
28. Social Humour.
29. Summer.*
30. Sun Glasses.
31. Star One.
32. Swami Ramdev.
33. Year on Year Reports.
34. Yoga.


1. Bitter Pills.
2. Brinda Karat
3. Casual Attitude.
4. Circumspection.
5. Cheese Sandwhich.
6. December 2005.
7. Dial Up.
8. Dry Skin.
10. Formal Shoes.
11. Fundamentalism.
12. Hazy Mornings.*
13. Hot Coffee.
14. Indifferent Attitude.
15. Indiatimes.com
16. Laloo Prasad Yadav.
17. Quilts.
18. Saas Bahu Series.
19. Saurav Ganguly.
20. Sensationalism.
21. Short Hair Cut.
22. Shouting for Rights.
23. Mangal Pandey The Rising.
24. Maria Sharapova.
25. Metro sexual.
26. Mufflers.
27. Sachin Tendulkar’s critics
28. Television.
29. Torn Jeans near Ankles.
30. Vindictive Humour
31. Walkman.
32. Wedding Dinner Parties
33. Winters.*
34. Yearly Projections.

* Local Conditions.


vaibhav said...

Hey.. thanks for your wishes!

And... saas bahu serials will alwasy be OUT! :)

emotions said...

good list Tarun !!
really a nice one, nice scribbling !!

all d bst !!
keep writing n keep smiling :-)

PuNeEt said...

first i liked the concept...
then the list :-)

lolz @ Feb 06
Sachin's form... ye thats a +

RDB rocks :-)

One things I can add is
Haq's comment on obstruction of feild ;-)

cant write off Lalu :-)
Saurav bechara

Saas bahu is out...
am so happy :-)

Keep rocking


The Light-House. said...

@ Vaibhav:Yes nothing was as punishing as watching Saas bahu.
@ Emotions:Thank U.
@ Puneet:Let me clear any doubts.I am a big Ganguly fan.I hope he comes good against England and pluders big runs.

Dewaker Basnet said...

thanks for visiting my blog dude.
The list is great.. btw did u not forget "Sri Sri Ravi Shankar"in the "in" category...he's having a time of his life..
25 years of the Art of Living Foundation and apparently 20+ lakh people are attending this 3 days celebrations in Bangalore starting Tomorrow...

Neha said...

in:alu ke paranthe
rock music
getting nostalgic
beer, vodka, virgin mary, wines
cotton clothes

pastels, musturd color
slow internet speed
people speaking in local lang. in mixed co.
business ethics classes

The Light-House. said...

@ Dewaker:I dont know much about Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji so wont be fare to add some thing more.
@ Neha: Virgin Mary and Vodka in summer *gives a thought* well it is upto everyone what they prefer. Parathas are never out :-P
I think flat fronts are out. I refer jeans instead.

Sudeep said...

I would have luved if the things in n out in front of each other would have been co-related

but a gud list.. n i agree with almost of them

happy belated VD on ur blog.. the Taj post was perfect :))

The Light-House. said...

Oh Yes suddep i thought of that first but then I decided to have it in an alphabetical order.I will try and edit it to in and out in fron of each other.

Neha said...

good list!
martina hingis is back in huh..and maria sharapova's out..ooh
I like star one.. one of the very few channels which i can watch!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

oooo nice list ... i gotta save it somewhere! ;p

The Light-House. said...

@ Neha:Ot was a comparative thing just for now Hingis seems to be on the roll.Moreover she defeated Sharapova in an ATP open.
@ Cheesy:I would love if u try your own as well.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

That's a tough job! ;p

And am in no mood to take up challenges

The Light-House. said...

@ Cheesy:It was just for fun.I did not wanted to enforce u with these.