Blog: Help Emotions

This is a post to help a member of Blog'Sphere.I am very much obliged to help Emotions. Emotion's blog page is not opening. The proable reason could be not saving the template.
Emotions don't worry. Just do as follows and try to see if your blog page is up and running.

  1. Go to Blogger.com login to your Dashborad.
  2. You have two blogs, so select the blog which is not working.
  3. Check to see if you have previous posts there.
  4. Next, go to templates, Select a new Template (You could use the same template if u wish to).
  5. Click on "Save Template" and "Republish" the whole thing.
  6. View Blog to see your blog page again.

Also try help at Blogger

Second Edition:
Emotions has got its page up and running now.Welcome back.


Arz000n said...

Yeah...I visited her blog...and think template got screwd up..
she needs to choose from a new one now..

emotions said...

don't worry i will do the rectification tonight....
thank u soooooooo much !!

The Light-House. said...

@ Arz000n:Agrees
@ Emtions: Do that. :-)

Caleb said...

its working!! congrats :)

The Light-House. said...

@ Caleb: Thanxs to emotions and Arti they put it to work. :-)