Blog: Once he was Invincible.

He was once Invincible. His posts were long but never sedate as things around him were written with vivid description and the snaps were nothing short of breath taking. I truly remember his snaps, which are buried somewhere in his “Archives”. It was joy to all to click on Invincible and see what was new. There often something new to read be it comments or post. There was a certain competition for being the “first” one to comment on his post. I remember having this pleasure just once long time back but those days when I hadn’t too many clues about working of blog-o-sphere.
His page was a directory of other people. Many of them are also amazing bloggers in their own right. But, Invincibile remains one of the dear blogger to all those who have ever been to his page. His comments, always worth reading and taught many a things about how to blog. His views on IIPM whipped up quiet some buzz around the blogging world. His thoughts on your post were unambiguous and often humorous. He was the first blogger I added to my YM. It was good to know we share similar views on cricket.
His page was updated last on the 12 of February 2006. There has been no trace of him in the blog-o-sphere for some time now. I hope the reason for his sudden disappearance are just trivial and unalmaring. At least we can hope it is this way.
Once he was Invincible but at least for now & hopefully not for long, he remains Inconsequential.


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

He might be busy with work ... there are some ppl in da blog world who personally know him as well ... they shud be able to contact him ... will let u know, if i ca, if he's alrite ...

The Light-House. said...

@ Cheesy: :ets hope he is back soon

Invincible said...

Hey Tarun,
i m so touched by this !
I am really grateful for ur this post. And i do enjoy reading ur blog as well.
I wud try to be regular, but sometimes life doesnt give u much of a choice.
How are things at ur end ?

The Light-House. said...

Life at my end?It remains as uncertain and careless as it always has been.Some regular ups and down.Goes on as usual I guess.

Invincible said...