About: Foreword.

I wish to know, do you plan writing a blog or it is like a bulb which suddenly lights above your head and then you decide it is time for writing in a post. I have planned some of my blogs over weeks, a few took couple of days to roll and most of my cricket match cover ups are written after seeing some highlights and the way the match meandered to a finish. This is a blog of a very weary, out of thoughts, lazy, sleep and blank blogger. In a shot this blog is about my upcoming blogs. I know what I will be writing on but a shear feeling of being blank and laziness has engulfed me. I have no idea that I would be able to post most of my thoughts. But I hope I will be able to cover these post and they will come out of my empty thought algorithm and see the light of my computer screen.

New Zealand vs South Africa (First Test Review)
Banglore riot – Right?
My trip to Shirdi. (Good Friday)
Rosy dream for Indians, why we will surge ahead?/ Cost of globalization.
Mundane Monday.
One more blog which might be an extension to “Chicken Manchurian and Chicken Tikka”.
Matt Damon’s flims that I have seen.

I think there is too much on my mind. I will sort out what things do I need to do and then may be one may see some post out here.


Invincible said...

Good u asked @ blogs.
I've yapped a lot @ me n my blogs, i m sure u've read most of it, but only pertaining to ur Q, i wud say i see a blog in almost everything i do/feel/see/read/watch/visit/eat/hang out/live in/go thru :)
Some blogs r pure work of fiction, like a thought strikes u and u build on it, but else it's just derived thru the inspiration from everything around me.

The only thing that i believe in is
blog what u want and not wot u think ur readers wud want to see.

n i'd keep dropping by to read on ur projected topics.

The Light-House. said...

@ Invinci:Hey Invinci.Yes I agree outmost to what u say about writing blogs which I believe I want to write.I will continue to do so.
I hope U have given up a thought of weeknightly blogs. :)

Sudeep said...

i usually write each n every sentence in my mind on all my trivial things in my life... its like having a huge post everyday

but then no use of writing wht i do or stuff like tht... but yes i too do plan a few posts .. infact have 2-3 posts in my mind since last 6-7 mths.. not just putting it down

hoping to get to read those thoughts of urs' soon here

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: Thanks Man.