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A snapshot of today.

I believe most of the active Indian bloggers who happen to be in the range of 18 to 30 grew up seeing the economic enlistment of the country burgeoning Forex Reserves. There has been a very positive and a very definite change in the way India is looked upon. We went from “India? To India!! .” The recent surveys points out the Indians are most optimistic in whole world. This fact is reflected in the GDP growth as well as the stock market. “What if’s” are sulking behind in some dark corner and we are progressing towards a major service/manufacturing/innovation/research base. This era will also be remembered for the IT revolution ganged with increase usage of internet, mobile phones, shopping in malls, awareness about consumer brands, stylized chic fashion trends. It now seems the original "Levi's" and "Reebok's"is much more easier to get then the localized counterparts.It is time to cash in and not check out. Do you ever wondered what bought about this change?

Last decade in the last century.

There were a couple of Prime Ministers (Chandrashekhar and V.P. Singh) who were in the helm of affairs in the beginning of the last decade way back in the last century.The picture was exactly opposite of what it is today. The prince of the dynasty was killed in an election rally, sending shockwaves through this democratic land. The question (“After Jawahar, who?”) that’s was asked thirty years earlier to this incident was repeated again. The only change being “Jawahar” was replaced with “Rajiv”. He was succeed by a senile linguist man who was about to take sanyaas from the world of politics. He could not do so till his last days. He pulled out the country which had just left with enough money to pay for a fortnight of imports.

Narasimha to rescue.

If the history will be revised there are two Prime Ministers whose leadership took India to where it stands. One is P.V. Narasimha Rao (PVN) and the other is A.B.Vajpayee (ABV) both very good statesmen. His reign would be characterised by scams buy out and social turmoil. He led a minority government to a complete term. His able guidance bought to the fore an unknown doctor (Dr. Manmohan Singh) who not only diagnosed but also bought the nation economy to the pink of health and now there is no turning back . There was an international report published claiming that India’s G.D.P. will continue to grow by at least 5% for another 50 years.

The scene on PVN’s exit.
His exit marked a long reign of political uncertainty. An ABV government for 13 days. Then two very forgettable Prime Ministers (I.K Gujral and H.D. Dewe Gowda ). The general elections turned into almost an annual event. The summers of 96,98,99 were spent tracking the elections on the T.V. God knew what was happening. The political turmoil bought economic downturn and the momentum of progress was gasping for fresh air.

Pause and say Vajpayee.

PVN was followed by ABV. He was a class orator in his time an able statesman and perhaps the most non controversial leaders across party lines with an active public life of 50 years. His foray was external affairs. His reign marked a gradual economic recovery and a very aggressive foreign policy. The slogan “India Shinning” was a precursor of things to come. India turned a corner and things start to pick up momentum again. Clinton paid a visit and other started following suit. The visit not was just another tourist visit. This visit meant business. Then one visit was made by Vajpayee across the western border which result in back stabbing in the name of peace. There was an intrusion which lead to a “skirmish” and the successfull “Operation Vijay”. Many army personnel are now martyr. The “Param Vir Chakra” was given after 13 years. There was an anti incumbency vote and the doctor was again in the helm of affairs.
The last couple of years may not be described atleast for now.This post is a curtain raiser to the post which will follow.


Sakshi said...

I think youforgot to remark on the changes done by Vajpayee goverment - most of the reforms for infrastructure(highways - joining the 4 major metros), solving the water problem by reinstating the "Ganga jodo" project, the nuclear program and the electricity generation(just to name a few) were undertaken by his goverment. If India is going to be a major player, we need a decent infrastructure to attract foreign investments. We also need better labor laws and CCP labor parties should be held liable for their underhanded and wasteful decisions. We are making progress but we need to make some really basic changes to survive and steamroll the other Asian giant.

The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi:Hi Sakshi...how r u? :)
Well I had many ideas and thought to dwell upon the nuclear tests then and the nuclear deal now....
I couldn;t cover up the the whole matter in one post.Because there is too much to write about and one can dedicate the whole blog in the scenario.Just to keep is simple and very very basic.
I think I will continue to write on this as soon as the cricket session is a bit leaner.

Sudeep said...

HDD - he only slept
IKG - i think he was gud but didnt have support n the determination to do the best
PVN - better but the cases against him almost packed his gud things in the JMM suitcase
ABV - abs the best...

economic reforms is the main thing to make a surge ahead n i think rt now MMS n Chidambaram r doing it well...

hope we rise frm Asian power to World superpower :)

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep:I think if Reservations issue is settle then surely we will :))