About: Who’s the worst?

Is Himesh Reshamiya worst singer than Anu Malik? Who would win the worst singer award if there is a competition. Will Himesh Reshamiya the “new kid” on the block beat the wind out of Anu Malik’s wind pipe or the worst of Anu Malik’s is yet to come.
I wonder will there be less mosquitoes in my room if I set to blast a playlist consisting of the worsty of both. Is there voice a mosquito replent.
I would take the pleasure of listing some of the worst songs of Anu Malik.
East or West: Movie Judwaa starring Salmaan. I wonder why Salmaan’s home productions have a dubious track record of having some of the most awful lyrics.
Mera dil ro raha hai: Anu Malik;s private album. For God sake I never wish to knew what the name of the album really was.
Dhuan dhuan ho raha hai sama: Anu Malik songs again, details of which are held back in public interest.
Aila re ladki mast: Starring Sanjay and Shilpa don’t care finding much about the movie.

I think the worst of the post is over. If anyone does wishes to list the Anu Malik songs that you hate please feel free, but do issue a warning that you are doing so.

Disclaimer: This is just a “rant” I have no antipathy towards Mr. Reshamiya or Mr. Anu Malik but I think it would do people a lot of good if they stopped singing and stick to composing (looking for inspiration or Ctrl C / Ctrl X and Ctrl V).


ishita said...

what do u know...i don rem his songs!...that's how unforgetable they r i guess!

and as far as himesh is concerned...can't help but hear his songs all over d place nowdays...HELP!...

and boy what a comparison...think if they got together to render a duet...!!

Mon said...

hey tarun, how u doing?

i've no clue abt Himesh Reshamiya but for sure i just dnt like Anu Malik!

Good post!

I agree, singers like Anu Malik should probably stick to composing...

The Light-House. said...

@ Ishita: If they sing together then ear plugs will come free with theat audio caste.
@ Mon: Me is good. It is so good to know that u dont know about Himesh.

Amit said...

The most I hate about both of them is that they have an attitude of a rock star. I hate those beads that are always trying to jump outta his hair. even they don't want to stay there.

And I seriously don't know what's with their caps. I think they are just there to hide the fact that they're balding. ;)

Sudeep said...

Himesh is gud at rendering music than nasaling his songs....

Anu Malik is pure crap... no more on him

The Light-House. said...

@ Amit: :D
@ Sudeep: Yes Anu Malik singing is pure noise

Anonymous said...

anu malik ko gana nahi ata himesh se seekhle aur paata na aapne ap ko kya samajta hai

Anonymous said...

Trying to determine if Himesh & Anu Malik are worse as singers or as composers is as difficult as deciding if Ravi Shastri was worse as a bowler or a batsman!

My request to both is they should form a duo. Avoiding their music will become so much easier. (Wouldn't you like to avoid that one big stone in your plate than several small specks?)

Anyway... here are some more Anu Malik songs in which he has displayed his singing (in)capabilities (read on if you want to... you have been warned):

Tera dil mera dil hai iya iyao (Tehelka)

Maara gaya o maara gaya (Jaanam, *ing Pooja Bhatt & Rahul Roy)

Ek garam chay ki pyali ho (Some Salman starrer.. probably Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega)

Jaanam samjha karo (Jaanam samjha karo)

Yeh kali kali aankhen (Baazigar)

Man dolay (Some Saif starrer... both the movie & the song are more than avoidable)

O my adorable darling (Main khiladi tu anari)

She gives me fever (Jung.. same movie as Yayla re)

Why did you break my heart (Akele Hum Akele Tum)

As you can see, Anu often sings his songs in English... honesty at its best... after all most of those are plagiarised tunes!

The Light-House. said...

@ Anonymous 1: *Sense confusion as to what to wrtie*
@ Anonymous @: I believe that the ghost of Anu Malik's songs has been hauting u as well.As regards to Ravi Shastri I did not folow cricket when he was playing but I think he is a top class commentator

Neha said...

wanna ask u something, not that i love either of em, if they are so bad and unavoidable, then y do so many people remember them. songs which they sing are fad which pass very soon.