About: One World One Sport.

If anything cuts the borders and strings people from far corners of the world it is the game of football. If English is the universal language, American Dollar is the universal currency, then universal sport is Football, from cold back alleys of Oslo to sweltering beaches of Copacabana, from just a recognizable goal post in Abidjan, Ivory Coast to a well manicured pitch in Melbourne, Australia. The sport has fan equalling the world’s population.

My take on the game.

The stars of the games are perhaps life inspiring to some and a challenge for others. I follow were little football but I can name a few people like Pele, Maradona, Platini, Zico, Socrates from the by gone era. I can name a few more from the current age courtesy “UEFA”, “English Premiere League” and “TV news Channels”. The whole galaxy of footballers will be on show in the world cup Germany 2006, in few hours. The blogging community will obviousl be there, so I hope I get to see some nice blogs around the matches being played.
The host themselves are favourites along with Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Paraguay to say the least. It wil be interesting to see some matches where lots of flair on display. This makes all the matches in which Brazil plays. I think Brazil have unique strategy; they don’t mind conceding a goal provided they can score at least a couple back. Then there are conservative styles of play seen mostly in Europeans.
I won’t stick my neck out to say which team may win the world cup. The whole issue is a bit tough to answer coz my limited following of the game. I think the things will automatically be obvious one the first round is done away with, till then lets enjoy the mystery.

The social issues to be addressed.

The FIFA World Cup also brings together important people who can decide about what to do about Social issues which are ragging all across the globe and no region in particular. This includes health, education, poverty, peace and development of World through sport. The game of football can in many ways be a tool for improving the quality of life everywhere.

I will try to see as much of football as possible. May the best team win.


Sesh said...

U missed Italy in the list of favorites. Yah, no doubt Soccer is the world's most popular game. Stats say about 1.1 billion people watched the 2002 FIFA finals :)

Arz000n said...

Tujhe toh pata hai....I dont watch any form of sports...lekin I'll definitely get updates from blogs...like yours...so keep on writing dude!!

The Light-House. said...

@ Sesh:Well with limited knowledge of the game of football, excuse me for missing out on Itlay or for that matter any other team.
@ Arz000n: Thank U.I will try and keep people updated.

Invincible said...

yo !!
I am voting for Brazil n Czech.
Both are outright offensive teams.

Sudeep said...

Brazil is the hot fav but this time m rooting for France coz of Zidane's last appearance n Henry is one of my fav
but looking at the game France had in the first round i doubt whether they will reach the second round for tht matter

n dont worry.. whoevr wins at the end just say (like i always do) tht u were cheering for tht team since the start :D