Cricket: India vs West Indies Third Test.

It was a weird kind of a test match. Indian bowlers started well only to give away the advantage back to the host. Sarwan and Ganga hit some solid knock and Gayle and Samuels contribute mean while Chanderpaul will score runs against India even a blindfold. Indians not learning from the mistake ad repeating it again and again meant India was not creating chances to win the test match. India’s balance is really tilted by the shear weight of batting talent. There is only Kumble (Harbhajan was not played in first two test) who has loads and loads of experience. West Indian batsmen would have backed themselves to score against Indian bowling after having a measure of them in the One-Days.

Ordinary Umpiring.
I remember last time India went to West Indies, an umpire requested the third umpire (Eddie Nichols) was called for adjudicate over a run out call on Carl Hooper. He was without doubt out of his crease but umpire some how managed to give him a green signal and Hooper returned the favour by notching up a double century. The English umpire managed to slip out some ordinary decisions. They did have a bearing on the game.

Lara defends and exposes chinks in the armour.
Indians were lucky not to be asked to follow on. I think even if they would have then too they were good enough to draw this match. West Indies have not been tested enough. Kumble alone can’t be expected to contain, defend and attack. Munaf looks good but needs time. Sehwag has done a brilliant job and looks good. West Indies have to continue to do well. Lara himself has to give it one last go so that he ensures Indians have nothing worthwhile when they return back home.

If wishes were horses.
Everyone has been crying foul over weird exclusions and inclusions along with passenger who never may manage even a tour game. India have to play five bowlers. I would love to see Dravid one down. I think if some one asks me my team would be (in batting order) Sehwag, Jaffer, Dravid, Laxman, Kaif, Dhoni, Pathan, Kumble, Bhajji, VRV and Munaf. These five batsmen have weight of runs behind their back. This gives Dravid the option to actually have eight batsmen and six bowlers. Dhoni, Pathan and Kumble have to contribute atleast 70 to 80 runs. Bhajji can handle the bat, whatever VRV and Munaf score is bonus. Yuvraj looks out of place in this test series. In batting department, each player is perfect foil for the player around him. Indians should look to bat the second new ball and score off it. Indians have to bat only once if they have to win this test.


exasparater said...

nice narration man... we chennaities suffering from CAS problem...

Sudeep said...

i hope the 'reporter controversy' doesnt bog down the WI n we get a gud game..

the tail-enders have no real responsibilty of scoring n so Bhajji n Kumble end up contributing more than the batsmen who just buckle under the pressure of scoring big

RPM said...

Bhajji is proving me wrong and you right.

The Light-House. said...

@ Exas: CAS sucks
@ Sudeep:I agree.
@ RPM:Thanks.