About: Mumbai blast.

I went to work yesterday so took an off today and sat around wonder if life is as complex as we think it is? Should we really think as to what life will unfold rather than wait for things to happen? Should we respond instinctively when things happen or should we also think when we have to act instinctively?
I prefer keeping thoughs and my life simple.I think thats one of the reason keeping this blog free of colours and keeping it simple in black and white. It is around 11 I start o rewrite this blog as the attempt before faced an unforced error which saw a blog being closed down as I was just done with the start to the blog. The office hours rightfully spare me enough time and space required to blog so I thought before I find to sit and grid my thoughts again let me post this one. The post on the vacillating Share Bazaar or the Sensex is still in the deep freeze of thoughts.
It will be a week of the unfortunate event and we still haven't seen anything which seems claming.
येह बम्बई शैहेर हादसो का शैहेर है |

Believe it or not there is a song from one of the Hindi movies.I don't know who wrote this sog or when was it written and educate guess seems to hint an era of mid/late eighties when gangs were really gangs and not corporates and political parties, murders were result of gang wars and public turned a blind eye.So much so for the above track.

To the point.
There are innumerous points that can be the possible reason for the attacks which took place.I have been the part of great city while growing up so this isn't coming from anyone who hasn't seen the face of the city "long enough". There are some which crossed my mind these are some of the things which anyone get if answers the questions like why? when? whom? where? what? and how?

Mumbai is a deprived, ignored city from the "Centre's" of politics.

The city is unfourtunate rater than resilient.

Those who say city's infrastructure is crumbling seem to living in an Utopia.

The city's infrastrucute namely roads and railways have crumbled.

The people of the city some how manage to keep it running.

The politicians i.e MLA's of the state and MP's in the center have not done enough to win the trust of it's citizen.

It is a personal opnion but the city of Mumbai is the only cosmopolitan city in the country, other cities are regional centers and feel threatened to shove off the regional tag.

There is no regional bias among the citizens of Mumbai.

The other cities are coming up fast but still to catch up the "cosmopolitan" nature of the city.

The public have to come out and lend voices to thoughts.

Did the citizens of Mumbai have any other option other then picking up the pieces and getting on with life?

All the Neta's at large is promoting seggregation.

The city has been sold for the sake of greed of power and money.

The people who executed the plan might be nabbed but the one's responsible might not be even frammed.

The case of 93 bomb blast goes on , I don't think anyone is even convicted.

India's political impotency in the region is also a major cause of concern.

What would the Government do if the people of Mumbai were to call of a city wide strike for a week, where everything grinds to halt?

Name a kilometer span of "roads free potholes" (due pun intended)

The radio service in the city is brilliant.

Mumbai city should be a Special Economic zone.

The city is so vast and so dense that even a minute incident is likely to affects thousands.

The "public" machinery has answers to all their faults but no solutions to redeem them.

The power brokers are busy in broking shares.

It is a commercial capital, money flows along with sweat, tears and blood.

The media claims of resilience of the city is nothing but trying to create harmony from broken drums.

It is time to get into action and strike the hell out of those blood sucking ticks.

The Center and the State leaderships are too weak.

The state of Maharashtra is in shambles.

The city is likely to face an exodus sooner rather then later. I think the trend is already under-way.

Bottom line.
There have been many songs about the city, which one of those can you think of at this moment?


Sudeep said...

Aye dil hain mushkil jeena yahan.. zara hatke zara bachke yeh hain mumbai meri jaan

but still mumbaikars go on living with their never-dying spirit.. but i also wonder like u .. do they have any other option?

nice info frm ur eyes 'bout the vibrant city.. i hope one of ur frnds frm mumbai who was with us tht day is safe n sound

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: Good song this.
My friends in the city are all alright.