Cricket: It is a series win.

India played well to win an illusive “away” series win. West Indies also played their part and made sure that a series win in West Indies was no formality which other teams sought after and managed to do. The score-line would have been much better barring weather and some ordinary team selection. Sehwag silenced his critics again by scoring a meaty hundred. Jaffer came into the reckoning. Laxman made a hundred in conditions, which suggested India to be on the mat but Lara pulled of the hook and things eased out. Rahul Dravid was as consistent as divinity. He scored 496 runs at an average of 82.66. He can put no foot wrong. It was good to see “The Telegraph” (published in Kolkatta) hailing Rahul Dravid.

Indian Batsmen.
They should look up the captain and emulate what he has done over the years. I would like to see some more grit. I think Indian batsmen should bring forth the flamboyance that they show in One Day matches. I think they consider it too dull. Kaif needs to tighten his game while Yuvraj needs to rethink his batting for Test arena.
The openers came in and went out without anyone noticing. Rahul Dravid who would have not been surprised played all day and was lucky to miss out on a century in the first innings. He could have well got one in the second. The West Indies pitches are weird as they deteriorate they start to spin and jump for the batsmen and indifferent bounce attracts the seamers as well. I think they would really be tested in South Africa I am looking forward to that whenever India goes in their next. Indian batting just undermined itself in the one days. Dhoni was for some reason looked out of sorts. Kumble meanwhile made sure that he contributed not only with the bat but also spend time in between and score some runs. The bowlers should all look to do the same.

West Indian batsmen.
They need to just hang in their and fight it out. Lara wont play forever and Viv Richards left test arena ages ago. There are people like Gayle, Sarwan and Bravo who should come fore and guide people in even if it means that they have to curb their strokeplay. Sarwan has to start better. He is a very good touch player. Samuels should also be their in the list. Morton another batsmen who should be regularly featured in playing eleven. Bravo gives them the extra option.

Indian Bolwers.
They impressed for starters but would be looking towards the selectors to give them a snior pro to work with in Test matches. Kumble is a snior pro but not a fast bowler. I think Harbhajan two fivers gave me lot of hope. If Sehwag can claim West Indies then Harbhajan being a specialist should have better chances of doing so. Kumble mean-while has done well to control the herd. Sehwag also made a useful contribution. Munaf looks good. Sreesanth was surprise package in the last test. I think I kept him of the list coz Gayle just knocked him out of wind in the earlier matches. Irfan was unlucky. I for once feel that in away matches India should play five bowlers.
My point of view is if Pathan played in all the matches instead of Yuvraj, could we had a chance of a better score-line without taking anything away from this one?

West Indian bowlers.
They look good but may do well once they are in full strength. Collymore looks sharp and bowls a mean line. A spinner could do wonders. Collins took wickets while Bradshaw always looks to contain. The West Indian fielding was good all through the series. I think West Indies should look to come up provided they get some good bowlers going and nurture them well.

Besides Cricket.
I have not watched all the games of the World Cup even though I wanted to do so. I guess u don’t get every thing in life. I believe Portugal will lift the trophy if they slay France in the semis but it is a long way to go. I think every one is betting on France to win the semis. I don’t know the name of a single striker’s of Portugal but they did well to compete with top teams and get better of them. If one looks at France there is a willy fox called Zidane. He is such a master. He has to do it for France. He has done it before. He and Henry are tuning well. One thing if for sure, favourites not always win the World Cup.


Sudeep said...

post is up... mez logging off to see France win

Sudeep said...

Dravid was awesome on such a pitch... Irfan n Yuvraj getting replaced for each other is tough combo i guess

n France will win sirjee.. for Zidane :)

The Light-House. said...

Sudeep:It had to be Zidane

Sesh said...

Dravid is a master-class. He led from the front and others should learn from him.
Finally India got a series win. It would have been 3-0 India, if not for the weather and some poor umpiring. All been sed, India made good compensation for the 1-4 trashing in ODI.

The Light-House. said...

Yes.He can put a foot wrong.If u have managed to read my blogs for couple of months I have loved the way Dravid has played over the period of last 3 years