About: Film Review, "Don".

The older or the first version is a cult classic and there is no beating that coz "Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai."

Then what makes the new one different?

The Cast.

The detailing of Farhann Akhtaar there is master at this art. This could be noticed from his two movie earlier (DCH and Lakshya) . There is similar work done behind the scene which adds and present very very rich colours design and elegance which can be seen from the setup in the background.
The cast starts with SRK who sells almost anything except floor tiles and wigs. Then there is a very sexy Priyanka and adding Oomph is Isha Kopikar whos looking good and at times there was a brief cameo by Kareena who tried her best to sache' like Helen. The one thing about Helen' was she was Helen and the other who came after her were just others. Then there is Boman Irami and Ompuri along with others to support. There is also Arjun Rampal who does a decent job of whatever he get.I must say one thing else too Farhan gives a lots of emphasis on his support cast. They have done well and should be applauded.
The music thrills and yet in some ways one would prefer listening to the older version of "Khaike Paan.... " coz there can be only one one. I hope u get that.

It is about techno age.

I guess the Don never had the use of technology as we have it today. The plot is bascally get anything and everything from manual to electrically from analogue to digital. The music is good and done amazingly well. The tunes remains the sameu may think it of a remix but one may like it though. The cars have been replaced but jazzy models the clothes are elaborate and everybody looks hot or cool which ever is your mode of refrence. SRK looks very very metro and I see the looks being photocopied on something soon. Motorla phones, Compaq laptops air fighting sequence and all that there is a chase movie. It with lot of panache.

The plot.

I won't screw the whole plot but expect the unexpected and there are lot more thrills then the older one. It gets to a point where the movie lookslike a classic final match of Wimbeldon finals with epople fighthing for the trophy in the final and the match is into the Final sett and score reads 6-6. There is a suprise every minute in last 45 minutes and things are definetly to confuse the audience or keep them guessing. There was a lot said about Farhaan Akhtar but as the director and the write knows the story, it is well worth the watch. The movie runs parallel to the old one for a long time ut then the direcotr came in and gave it a twist at the desired moment. he had to make it a bit different from the original one.

One last Question.

I hope I meet Farhaan at some place I would like to ask him just one question, "DCP D'Silva and Inspector Verma, work for which Police force?"


Ronak Johri said...

if Don was miserable then Umraojaan was pathetic.too many songs.

The Light-House. said...

@ Ronak: Thank I will not watch it on your recommendations Bhabhi