Blog: Festive Weekend..

A very Joyous New Year to all. The Hindu New Year begins today. The morning was misty (smoogy actually). The city of Surat celebrated Diwali with lot of lights lighting up every nook and corner, most busy flowers were dotted with row of lights and one could shop as long as anyone would like. The shops are likely to be closed for better part of this week. There were crackers disturbing my sleep for two days now, but the aerial show which I saw was quiet exhilirating.

U cook before U celebrate.

This is common everywhere I think. No matter where festivals are clebrated it has some sort of food/ale associated with it. Diwali brings in host of sweets to be goobled up be it the chocolates, ladoos, barfis, kachoris U name it and u will be fed. I miss something called a thekua which my roomie friend use to bring from his home. I had a Monthal and loaddos for myself along with nutties and kachoris and gulab Jamuns.

A precursor to Diwali.

The morning of Saturdays was about uggling three landlines and two cellphones. I talked to almost everbody I wanted to, though there were a few who I could not get thru, messages failed. I tried mailing a few people. I got in touch with my long lost cousins.There was less of pandmonium this time and I found time for my afternoon siesta which has been an on going romance. Don't I love my sisestas? Then there was hush -rush of getting some more diyas some more hawan samgri and crackers was left to epople who organised the cracker show.
Thanks to Orkut and YM I managed to convey my refgards to many Blogger Friends of mine as well. I just about managed to find time to update my blog page as well.

Lakshmi Pujan.

I never dream of missing a Diwali Puja which is done with lots of fun and I actually look forward for this one. The Diyas were lighted and placed every where around the house. Blessing were seeked from the elders and we were blessed with blessings and cash offcourse. (grins)

Aussies vs English.

The ICC has to consider the ODI status of England as a One Day team, They are just good enough to make it to the list. They look so hapless and ordinary in especaially ODI. Trescothick making a point not to tour India. I think he is a good batsman but he can count me out as his fan. I cannot believe he doesn't want to play in India. The best of the best queue to bat here and he wish to stay away. I always get negative vibes whenever I see the English playing One Days, they seem out of sync and out of thoughts. I pray that they shall be proclaimed Cricket World Cup favourites atleast once in my lifetime. I will be on seventh heaven if they win this one. How about the English winning The Ashes and They World Cup. Miracles do happen don't they? I think I am pushing the envelope to far.
The English winning The Ashes would be a bigger miracle then the last win. They could have had the home advantage last time. The point to note is the fact that Aussies lost their last home series in 1992. They would like to keep that record up. I hope they can survive the first test atleast. "The Ashes Diary" will return will return on the eve of The Ashes 2006-2007. The Aussies won by the way although England did manage to take four wickets, t

Champions Trophy is a loser, till date.

I haven;t seen such a lack luster event featuring all the top 12 teams. The CHampions Trophy is proved out to be a damp squib more than anything else. Why are there four venues only in a country where cricket is played on every street? There are 21 matches and just four venues. Where is the rotation policy of BCCI, where each zone/ground is given a chance to host One Days. The point that struck me is the vindictive politics. The four honchos of BCCI Sharad Pawar President , Lalit Modi Vice President, Niranjan Shah Secretary and I.S. Bindra former BCCI chief and a Pawar supporter and some one who doesn't get along with Dalmiya and Raj Singh Dungarpur who has been ast various positiong in BCCI. There four have manged to make sure that CT is limted to their venues ONLY.
How one may ask?
Sharad Pawar Heads the Mumbai Cricket Association and Raj Singh Dungarpur is close to him. Dungarpur is Chief of CCI Brabourne Stadium. Lalit Modi is well placed in Rajasthan Cricket Association and Jaipur has seen N number of matches, perhaps more in 3 weeks then in last three decades. Niranjan Shah is also a member of Gujrat Cricket Association so no wonder that Ahemdabad to gets to host some meaty matches. IS Bindra helped Sharad Pawar win BCCI elections and he is also President of Punjab cricket association, he has flexed enough muscle to make sure Mohali host atleast five matches. I mean we surely have more than 4 venues to host these matches. This is really an awful, unexpected and unaccpetable on BCCI which has made sure theat Cricket reached every part of this country. It os purely lame and BCCI has to be laughed at for the way they have hosted CT.


Mohan said...

BCCI has nothing to do with choice of venues. This is an ICC tournament and it was they who selected the venues. The reason only four venues are hosting matches is because of ambush marketing clause - ICC wanted only "clean" venues, but since most major venues in India already have their own sponsorship contracts, they were deemed unsuitable by ICC. Hence no matches in Kolkatta, Wankhede, Chennai, Bangalore etc.

The Light-House. said...

@ Mohan: Thanks for coming in. I knew this would be coming .... LOL
has it got nothing to do with the fact the top brass of BCCI hail from the respective cricket associaitons that are hosting the CT?
U cannot be serious ...

Lavanya said...

You have to incorporate cricket in every post dont you?! Be it Diwali or the Surat floods...cricket will feature there! Good job btw

The Light-House. said...

@ lavanya: Do expect me to miss any cricket action if it at home?
Some post are free of cricket believe me... not an iota of cricket in there those are few and far between thats a different story.
btw.. ... How have U been?