Cricket: Miracles wanted.

Let me check the present score before I start blogging on this one.Wow! much I feel like my prayers are being answered. Gilchrist hold out to Raina off Sreesanth.I have not got a very positive vibe of this match.I am desperate to see India beating Aussies.I am just waiting for Harbhajan to run through the side but that isn't something which is as east as typing Google + Ctrl+ Enter.
It is tough.This is what I love about cricket.

The following is just about a bygone match.

India played West Indies.One will read a lot of this on my page that India is one team that can make one sided match exciting. They can pull out losses from the jaws of victory and vice versa. The emphasis was on loss and victory.The Indian bowlers never had enough heart to produce something special.One expected Kumble but then he is busy being idle.India manged just 223 against West Indies. The problem seems to be not letting anyone besides Irfan go onto number three or at the fall of firwst wicket. I think the idle team would be Tendulkar Sehwag, Kaif, Dravid, Yuvraj, Dhoni,Pathan, Harbhajan, Kumble, Munaf, Agarkar. This give us ample balance in both deprtment. There can be chnages offcourse but one doen't want to do what K.P.S. Gill did when India won the Asiad last time around, He just kicked the core members out. There is a little wonder then, that hockey doesn't find the mention even in the localest of newspaper. This is a sad case. I hope it is not a sad demise be a happy news for India Hockey. It is down in near dumps can anyone please stand up.
O Ok! back to hockey. The best part of West Indies is that their lower order really clicks at most time. They have been doing that since the days of Ridley Jacobs.

Gayle Chanderpaul, Sarwan has a penchant for Indian bowling and no matter what the Indian bowlers offer The West Indians are ready with gloves on.Gayle has absolute measure of Pathan and he exactly knows all the trick that Irfan has. Gayle use his height to an advantage to cut down on Irfans swinging. Chanderpaul he just wont get out to any Indian bowling of present era.There were no partnerships from Indian batsmen and they simple had not enough to contain West Indies. They had a wobble and "perhps" beter bowling could see us through. But an ordinary batting result in not so good body language and I think we know the rest.

England and West Indies.

This match would dearly categorize into a dead rubber.If there was one definition this match would have perfectly fit the bill.The West Indies walloped the English and Gayle was about to cut loose before some smart work manged to restrict West Indian march. Bravo also contributed with a century. England looked down and out and for once Pietersen did not fail. He is too good a player for that. He fails too much.The English look in all sort of troubles. The Ashes seems to be lingering large and no one seems interested playing One Days. They have got their batting wrong.

Back to the present.

Ponting wants to do it in style. India seems to be lacking the right set of players. They have not enough fire with the ball and batting seems not be firing on all cylinder. It seems for now Ponting will blast through India. If India has to win the some miracles are wanted.


Slim said...

Grrr... they lost in the end. And there was no way India could have pulled it off anyway. Harbhajan was probably the only one who could have pulled off a miracle. But he looked like he was afraid to flight the ball!

Gah! Too many mistakes by the Indian team to put it in this comment. Hope the South African tour reaps rewards!

And about West Indies, they can't keep riding their luck forever. Their true nature will be shown in their match against New Zealand :)

eswar said...

indian criky in its bad days.. check out my blog man!

The Light-House. said...

Slim: Thank U for coming in.
NZ had a clash with Aussies which they lost. Let see about W.I.

Eswar: Sorry dude had problems connecting to your page. :(

Mahesh said...

indians performance can never be predicted before..but nowadays we ourselves can use duckworth lewis and suggest the result in 25 overs...

Came to ur blog thru kathys..nice one man.

The Light-House. said...

@ Mahesh: Thank U for coming in :)
LOL at current form I think u have hit the nail on the head.

Sudeep said...

didnt Pieterson play wonderfully? I luved tht match ending..

i think i shld stop cheering for indian team.. i wasnt doing hoo haa but now nothing at all :(

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: LOL Sudeep ... that was the good one (Ho Haa ...)
Pietersen played well but he suffers from stroke players syndrome.