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It came and so did the media and followed by the faces of nervous parents dumb founded watchmen chaotic super-visiors, the rush to the loo and a catch of flu. Anyways it was a pretty sedated affair for me. I must thank the lord above an dpeople on this earth for their blessing and hopeful prayers. Let me say this alls fair in the end.

Believe in your instincts.

There will some more for the next years, but for people who will start to prepare or think they will start preparing whenever they feel like a few whispers in their years, (shouts for Sudeep to take note)
1. Reading speed in excess of 450 words per minute. It seems a touch out of sense but let me promise U that this one will be of out most importance.

2. Understanding atleast 80% of what U read in a minute. There is surely no merit in just reading fast. One should have good retention as well. The only way is just to keep on reading. The time is the only best friend U have till it gets over.

One has to develop some instincts about what question is trying to ask and one has to develop the ability to pick out the right answer directly without putting pen to paper. You have to develop romance with what U study. It doesn't mean U have to read only romantic novel. The fact remains is you have to love being alone with your CAT preparation material and every new page you turn, it should bring smile and make U more eager. I said once the best teacher is one whom diminishes darkness of fear and enlightens the lamp of eagerness.
Never think of failure. If it is survival of the fittest make sure you are the fittest there is no other way.

Vocab, Well one has to get into those senior secondary grammar books and just learn every damn trick in the book. Pay a generous attention to sentence formation, especially prepostions and Gerund and Participle, they are really helpful. One has to get the sequence of the sentence correct for most times with superlative degree of precision. Just keep on readin, keep a pocket dictionary close by.

Develop a habbit.

I think CAT is such a mental thing at the most basic level, cook, dance, sing, listen, read, write, blog, work out do whatever which just fills in in adernaline when the workload sucks life out of you. Just do it.

That was things I hope people can read and try to follow, for other things Orkut hai na ...

Well the countdown to CAT was CHaotic, it drained me out mentally, I was freaking out and did not have a clue as to why was I bogging down, there were too many reasons perhaps many of them beyond my control and some of them beyond my comprehension. Anyways, A day bfore CAT, My father had his birthday, a delicious dinner at a nearby retraunt and a chattter past mid night sooth my mood and ironed out lot of ironies and bought CAT again into focus.
I read whatever I could. I solved a few problems did a few Calculations and kept on reading "The Winning" by Jack Welch.

One Day Match.

The center was nearby just a stroll away, being punctual I landed up strolling there on time and just waited for tide of people to comeover. I easily found my seat and then kept on strollong around to get my focus at maximum level. I knew I was doing this one.
There was suppose to be a one day match. In one there was only one inning where one may have just slog, but I made a few stupid natured mistake, that what CAT does, perhaps may have costed me a seat in a good college. I started with Quant (Maths) before trugging for some time I left the 74 and 75 questions, then I cracked a case of geometry followed by one of arithmetic next was a fluke again followed by a geomety, then the first three questions, which I know now are wrong. I think my tally in maths would be 22 or 23 at max.

The next section I attempted was VA, I said to myself come on you ave been just preparing for this baby, I started from teh first Question and kept on eliminating the otpions and then marked the answers, these were Facts, Inference and Judgements ones. I was very happy I kept on pegging away. with the summaries and manged 3 or 4 of them, don't quiet remember them now. The there was a weird pasage which I attempted and marked as may answers as I could. The there was a passge on some Swedish MP and communism, Nazism, colonialism and al that, pretty easy, which was completed and I think some couple of more questions.

The lastattempted section was DI. It has been my nemesis. I maangted to get my first set going and I cracked 5 of them. It was fun, then there was a minor screw up and then I manged to cover up and completed one more set. One fluke in the next set and the time was running out. There were three questions which were done in the next set so roughly 15 questions, my heart knew no bounds and then it was all over and I thought I had just batlle my eyelids once.

It was thrill, couple of calls from home and catching up with friends there was a big slumper before catching train back to Surat.
The train in the night was real nightmare, it was late by couple of hours, I went to sleep at 2:30 got up at sometime before 7 and rushed to office.

The whole day has been a bigger CAT and mouse game.My break up is at present 34-36-18 (Verbal Di and Maths respectively) plus couple of marks. I am a bit confused or rather sceptic,, it will be great through to MICA Ahemdabad.


Sakshi said...

I hope you get the call. Nice to hear it all went well in the end :)
Not back to biz.. and writing tags :P

The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi: Thank U so much.