Cricket: Indian fate sealed?

I am not sure of the title. But I dont kow how to write off people. I don't know if anybody should be written off, But if India could not chase 248 in Durban should be expect them to chase score in excess of 248. I don't think I would ever say yes. The game of cricket is a game off momentum you always feel it. SA were 77 for 6 there stand at 255 for 8 and still counting. I think it would be miracle if India wins this. India is one team that can make a one sided match exciting. They did it when the game started but Graeme Smith having bowlers at his disposal India isn't exactly facing a seemingly easy task. I feel sorry for the team/team selectors/advertisers/followers/the agony aunts/the rickshawallah/the office clerk/the news readers/news reporters ............../ and at times for myself in times like this.
A friend on mine once said that we have all te wonderful players which such good records they are so very good but they must win. :D I always have a roar of laughter whenever I remember this one.

Start of the game.

I think it is good start when we got the opposing captain in the first over and their top bat kallis in that very first over. It was a dream start. Was. Then they still mange to pile into the "soild" South African batting. Gibbs holed out himself. DeVillers guided Agarkar to Dhoni's glove. Pollock out due to Kaif's reaction. This is where the Indian smile stopped and South African had all the way to cheer.

Directionless Campaign.

Does anybody have a specific aim say I am going to get Kallis out say 6 times out of 13 ( 5 one dayers and 8 innings in Tests) or I am going to hook Nel one every inning. I am not going o let Ntinin dictate terms. Anything that is tangible. I know we our bowlers have problems with the seaming, bouncing, turning, swrirling, swinging, jumping and aein conditions. My question is do we have the bowlers to contain? No is a short answer. Kumble straight away had an impact. Zaheer khan went for 39 of the last three. Pathan has tagged himslef as "excess baggage" and the ease with which Harbhajan and Agarkar are gifting away boundaries isn't very heartening to see. Agarkar I think hold a record for giving away most number of boundaries. The consummate ease with which boundaries are scored off him makes me believe that international cricket isn't all that difficult for batting if there are bowlers like Harbhajan and Agarkar. Harbhjan looked annoyed with himself if there would be no boundaries scored off him.

Is the wrting on the wall when India needs to chase 275?


Will India make this one sided match exciting. I don't care for the result I don't just wish to see the batsmen resign and kneel without giving a fight.


Keshi said...

Im watching the Ashes these days :)

Hows u Tarun?

The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi: Me a touch of jealous with U ... anyways I would have been much better if I had not seen that India vs South Africa mismatch.
barring a sore throat,few body aches, troubling eyes and running nose, everything else seems in place ;P

Keshi said...

heyy dun be J...:)

aww u better get better soon...huggggggz Tarun!


The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi:Well seeing the current English performance I am less J, I anticipate series like the last time around.
I hope U go to SCG and make out banner for all the bloggers.
The symptoms are of changing changing seasons.Surat's blessed with some real pleasant weather

Arz000n said...

Is Indian cricket team still playing cricket???

Am so outta touch of this cricket news n all...

I thought they just gave up after they were getting defeated all the time n have joined olympics or something...


Keshi said...

**I hope U go to SCG and make out banner for all the bloggers.

thats a neat idea!!


The Light-House. said...

@ Arz000n: Whats the point in them joining Olympics, have we won anything there till date?
To say that that they are playing a dismal form of cricket is in fact glorifying their game.Indian cricket is a big sass bahu like tragedy.

@ Keshi: Make sure u begin designing that banner soon. :D

Anonymous said...

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