About: 2007, A New Year.

As I sit and right down this post, the new year celebrations would have already started. Well this year has seen lots of ups and down and there will be some more of them through this life. But the emotional weight of a few events where just too heavy to carry.

About: Tapi in tears, Surat submerged.

I am looking forward for this new year perhaps from the time Surat was flooded. I grew up around sea shore but the images of water in such huge volumes just gave me a eerie feeling. I was perhaps wasn't much affected directly and I was in a safe house. I was a touch far away from Surat but my parents were stuck in here and for almost a week there was only water all around. The place where I stay saw water levels rise up to 6 to 7 feet and that to for week. It wasn't a pretty picture. I was thankful nothing untoward happen but Surat sprang back very quickly and all the mud and debris were clear in a week and looking cleaner than before. I think the scar of earlier floods (94 and 98) followed by Plague. It was kudos to the local and the state government along with thousands of voluntary groups which came forward to help each other when the going got tough. I think there were people who were worst affected and images which I saw humble and perhaps suprise me rather then shiver my soul out of my body.
It was bad.
It has made me look behind at times when things were good and how I often got top on tough times by just talking to myself. I think I need to do that more with myself. It is fun. You have to believe me I remember a few old moments and I simply burst into laughing. It is not always I may be a half crack but not a cynic loser.
Laughter is the least distance between two persons.
Cricket, (God no, is this guy crazy?)

To be honest yes every soul is a touch crack. One needs to be a bit crack to push oneself further from ones own the limits. I love cricket. I played a lot of cricket and listen to lot of commentary in school, college on the radio. Radio commentary rules. I have left playing the game long time back, six years to be precise. I love the game though. I think if anything I associate life with is the game of cricket. The tone of this blog has been up and down along with fortunes of Indian cricket team. Life always gives a second chance to do better.Life gives everyone a fair chance.
It is simply never over until is truly over.

Blogging is fun.I blog for myself, Cricket coaxes me to blog so does various other scenarios. I think I will plan to blog more on other issues as well and give "My Point of view" to the world. It will be honest, lament and may be not worth your liking. But then world is a spectrum of colours not just black out white. I manage to complete one year of blogging came up with my 200 post. There is more to come. I think off late I was not blogging enough to my liking, that was simply because I could not, thing were out of my hand.I think I still may not post things on time but I will try to login in some more posts regarding politic Indian current affairs and general things which may see some rotten eggs and tomatoes coming here but I wont shy away from controversies. I have tried hard not to post anything which may be open to zillion interpretations and start a chain reaction of mud slinging over the eye brow raising issue. May be turning off comments would be one, but I wish to know what the world things. I will definitely provide the reason for writing what ever I write.

2007 A new year.

I plan to change a template again but lets see. I will definetly look for somehthing real simple and lucid. Any suggestions would be experimented with, if any suggestion are sought then I will go out of my way for them. :)
How does one be himself ( or herself) when one does not know who he (or she) truly is? I think it is more about going with your instincts and being honest with oneself. One has to face failures and perhaps celebrate and learn something them rather than mulling over them and going no where.
Success after all is going from failures to failures without losing the enthusiasm.

A sense confusion and uncertainty rule the roost of my life. I have often trouble deciding which side of bed I want to get up from. Then other decisions are truly made on instincts. A trip to Pune and Shirdi. :) . I want to learn to channelize them and get more discipline in line with reason. For starters cutting down weight would be a right tonic. I may be just a couple of kilos (read 5 to 7 kilos) on the wrong side. I think getting into shape and cutting down would be great. The aim is to get within 70 kilos by Holi, ( I am 76 as off yesterday) I was never this skinny in my life.Lets see.
Then catching up on some old mates from School and College (the Gang), cousins relatives, family friends some of them are as good as cousins. Then juniors and seniors from college, some of these were God send. I also want to spend more time talking to myself. Then meeting more people from all round and perhaps some Blogger to would be fun. I want to regularly mail people instead of just scrapping or forwarding something stupid mail. Orkut has helped in getting in touch with people. I also want to try my hand at investing, there is always a free advice for my father but then handling ones own money isn't easy. I splurge and plan to splurge some more.Have it spend it.

I wish all the bloggers of the blogosphere a very resounding 2007. I hope some inactive bloggers spring back to life and start posting all over again coz it is pure magic to read their post.

Bottom line.

I look forward to this coming here with lots of expectation and hope. I wish to make this year my own let see where life takes us all. This ones for life.

The grandest of wishes for one and all.


kiraN said...

2007 The Year with best

Do you know the specialty of this NEW YEAR?????

It starts with MONDAY and ends also on MONDAY


This year has got highest number of SUNDAYS and SATURDAYS

Enjoy the least working year in your life


Mandar said...

First, Wish you and your loved ones a very happy new year.

That was nice way of summing things up.
I wish u success in all ur new year resolutions (not per se, but wotever u hv put across as things to do).
Good luck !

and i also hope the 'old bloggers' find new reasons to spring back to blogging.

Neha said...

@ Kiran : I am already loving 2007 then :)
Have a lovely year ahead people :)

The Light-House. said...

@ Kiran: Sankranti on SUnday :(
Anyways ... happy new year to u, thanks for coming by. :)

@ Mandar/Invinci: :) Should we expect an update?Same to u man, do well

@ Neha: Howdy? New things set to unroll at ur end?

tpraja said...

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