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God been a long long while ...

I am back from Ahmedabad. You talk to any Gujarati about Ahmedabad and u while definetly get a warm response. No Gujarati (alive or dead) would curse Ahmedabad/Amdavad (from now on Ahd) for anything.It is the sentimental capital of Gujarat. Anyways there are ways to see it, it bustling city for sure. C.G. Road and Sarkhej Gandhinagar are places to be to freak out. U get Goal gappa at any place u can turn your head.
I couldnt go around much but went to Swaninarayan Temple.The drive from Sabarmati, where I was lodged to Gandhinagar was awesome.It was truply great coz Gandhinagar has tree lined roads ... atleast the ones on the highway and it was refreshing.

The weather in Ahd was perfect. It got cold as we were about to head back to Surat. It was fun though. I did make it a point to go to Sabarmati' Gandhi Ashram and took some snaps. I was late in the evening who they arent so great.But it felt good there.I patted my back to be there.Its ironic may be a tribute that at the end of the road where the Ashram is located there is this big cirle which boasts of Netaji statue. I think both great men would see it as honor to be side by side. They had ideological differences but respected each other imensely. It shookh me every time I passed through that road but I think it was beffitng for both.

A few hours back ...

I pull out a mobile from my pocket ... select "contacts" and start saying why wait for the right gir when the worng ones are so sexy" and get Sudeep''s number .. I dial the "code" (Number witheld for unsecure reasons) and here a song from Jab we met. The enrgetic voice seem content after taking SNAP test. I too had done they same, he sounded energetic and a sense of relief.Itsn't that he had given SNAP and I had called him,it was his birthday and it was SNAP as well. I hope he has a happy memory of this day and perhaps he will remember this day (of this year) for some odd achievement.
So Sirjee u may be readin this on Google reader, wish u a happy birthday again party shayad result ke baad ... :)

I am a legend.

Saw the movie if u have not seen it, then add Cast Away to Resident evil and u will get I am a legend, starring Wills Smith. I am not into fiction movies, palle hi nahi padhti yaar. So didnt think it was paisa vasool, by the way I am still contemplating whether to pay for the ticket ... Plus there is too much reliability on graphics, I am an old school guy prefer to see mysteries comdies and off course action stuff.

Eggs rule the roost.

There is this Laari (lorry/local eatery/Junk food joint) at Rustumpura ... near Chowk downtown Surat ... suratis dont bite me ...
Me and my friend drove off the that Ganesh L, world famous in Surat for eggs. He prepares them in more ways then u cn imagine. After having Keemo and Tameta fry (srambeled egg and tomato curry) me and my friend thanked each other for coming along and a Thumbs bottle ended the self paid treat.
We went back to join our friends who were still there at this Revolving restraunt munching on roasted chicken. The drive back home was quick.Its getting colder by the day but its just right to roam around and have some Ponk (jowar preparation) Corn, nimbu soda, eggs in any form or prepartion and if there is a chicken roasted then nothing like it.

Its one and one post that I wanted to do is done.

Music: Tere hontho ko salaam .... jinko choo jaane ko taarse se kai sagar kai jaam .... (A ghazal by Amit Khosla)

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