Blog: Blood on the market floor.

I was thinking on the Michael Jackson’s (Jacko Wacko) Criminal’s video in which the Jacko in a whacky move in which he snoops down, what was gimmicked as a cameras trick or whatever it was surely good to watch. There is supposedly something major to happen to shake-off my inertia of not to blog and stir up a few ideas to stir my mind and come up with a blog.
So what’s the deal that set me to blog one, may be one of the thing is I want to make sure that there is at least one blog for every month that I have been blogging, blog number 300 is on the horizon and probably will post it before I complete three years of blogging. I must confess that I had registered on bloggers a lot earlier than I start blogging, I had just mash my password or user id. I don’t regret it however. I was itching to blog.

Join hands? let’s do a bungee…

Well the Sensex which would never fall gaining a thousand points in sessions with Foreign (Un)Institutional Investors along with M.F.s (Mutual Funds!) pumping money by the second inflated the over inflated markets to touch the glass ceiling, termed by all time highs the “retail investor” people earning a livelihood, saw water melons hanging on mango trees. So sweet was their investment. I too was(am) one of (lakh) the small time investor. My investments almost doubled, or was it two and half times? Anyways not wanting to get my saving whither away beneath a raging bulls, I stayed invested but did not plough in all that I had earned and managed to save. I did not book “profits” and let the advantage slip by. By the way I am still in the green (i.e. returns are still positive), the pocket could have been greener. Profit booking helps in reducing the cost of your holdings by earning (booking) the rise in the price of your shares so next time when you sell at next higher levels, of course, your returns improve. The law of marginal returns. The trick is to pick up moment so that you sell the minimum stocks to recover your money. A certain Mr. Buffet says best time to hold on to a stock is forever. I don’t know what his suggestions would be for the India investors.

But they are mature and we are developing.

I have a feeling that mature markets provide for better manipulations. There are many companies that have been hard hit but I don’t know if their stocks are as badly hit as their stocks. If not, then the word the manipulation is written all over it. Well the emerging (stock) markets, I don’t know by the way from where they are emerging are giving really attractive returns. I mean plough in 10 grands (dus hazaar) and if u pick and choose then returns are really handsome.

My dilemma

I plough in money get my returns and what next. Do I book in profit and save the money to I invest it again? Do I stay invested and let it mature? Do I take money out and place some off it in high risk stocks and the other in safer domains.

Yahoo! chhahe koi mujhe …

Well Microsoft my be offering cash for Yahoo stocks, I am in love with Yahoo! Finance, and looking forward to Google Finance (for India). I managed to punch in for number and bought this up. I am I can post this and Yahoo! Wont mind a bit.

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