Blog: Golden Date

Hail Abhinav Bindra, he shot a Gold for us. He is the first among billions to win an individual Gold Medal for India.I would mark this as a proud moment of joy, a weight lifter Jadhav (silver?), Leander Paes (bronze), Karnam Malleshwari (silver), Rathore (silver) have won medals before but ABhinav is the first.I hope there are more medals to be won.
It is a damn proud moment for all of us.
Well done Abhinav.
Although this news comes in in the wake of a lady weight lifter being holed up by our won sports authority ... its musci to all Indian years.


Cuckoo said...

Yes, congratulations to Bindra !
He made us proud. It is such a nostalgic moment to hear the national anthem at that time.

Cuckoo said...

And yes, the cricketers let us down. :(

It's time for seniors to retire. What do you say ?

Keshi said...

Well done India! :)


Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo: Yes, a very proud feeling of listening to the national anthem. Seniors well they look very ordinary.

@ Keshi:Yep, Hows ur knee doing?