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I wonder if life is an amazing string of coincidences or is it just a series of consequences. There is no doubt that what you do, obviously it includes what you think is, the karma, the cause and it will have an effect, may not always be as desired. The effect may not be subsequent, one may see the effects of their cause after a long time, or may not live to see the effects of your actions. It may be your kids or grand kids for example, or an institution which you may start, things like that.
But I was just thinking about it in between times, off course all this may be explained through sciences and logics, or could be brushed off just rubbish. It is one of the many things which amaze me. But sciences and logics may not always answer the way things happen, the inconsistency of the event thereof or the matter of the timing of an event. We do things all the time, often repeatedly but consistency on the effect or resulting end is not always the same.
I don’t want to get into you-know-this-meant-to-happen-that-way. This particular answer, often sweeps matter under the carpet and

1. May not help us to identify the cause.
2. Rob us of our moment of amazement, surprise, bewilderment, a roar of laughter or simplicity of a smile.

The other side is of the coin is often the difficulty or fatigue or momentum we face when we got to do something. I, for one at times, feel it very difficult to call someone on their birthday, especially when I have last spoken to them the same day the previous year. It is not something else but laziness of the purest form. But since mobile phone is omnipresent tool of our lives calling up people near and far shouldn’t be a great deal. Often a phone to nearest and dearest takes some planning and at times in the hind sight you often thing it would be better if you had not made the call, simply because you kept the phone in such a jiffy that the person at the other may be thinking what the hell?
Then there is the waking up in the morning phenomenon. Yes I love mornings, I love em more coz more often then not, I wrap myself in my sheets and go deeper into sleep mode. It is not until my mother asks me wakes up me half a dozen times and I say 5 more minutes and then my father stern but equally affectionate voice you are awake aren’t you, I almost say “Yeah I am ready.(to wake up)”. The rest of the morning conversations takes place between us getting ready for offices and his and my breakfast. Mom chipping in with queries and questions.
The point is the later in the night I sleep the earlier I get. That for a time range. I cannot sleep at five in the morning and get up before say 10 at best. A few nights back I went home, freshen up, went to sleep by 8 got up at midnight ate dinner and then purposely reached late to office. I thought the trains would be less cramped but the first sight of an approaching train bought reality fast to my realm.
Th other day I slept at two in the night only to get up before my father left for the morning walk. Did everything on time and things felt so smooth, just like a cruise!!. I prefer being on time or early to office, temple, bus stand, party, beer, telephone bills anything you say. I curse myself for being late. It is a paranoia, but its something I don’t want to let go off.
Why do things in life at times seem so obvious and times so surprising?
Is it just a coincidence or is it just a consequence?


Keshi said...

Wow nice one Tarun! :)

Life indeed is strange sometimes and yet so familiar.

Its something we as humans hvnt quite figured out yet. There's still alot of MYSTERY. And thats the beauty of it.

**Why do things in life at times seem so obvious and times so surprising?

Cos like I said before, Life is a FAMILIAR MYSTERY. Like a Known Stranger.


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Yeah, familiar mystery it shall remain

Cuckoo said...

Is it just a coincidence or is it just a consequence? In your case I think it is consequence but mostly it is both.

And very thoughtful post it was. I had read it long back. Commenting now. :)

Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo: Better late than never.:D