Blog: Back to school.

There are things about blogging I have observed. If you don’t feel like blogging or haven’t blogging due to writer’s/blogger’s block then you don’t like to post any sort of updates in near time soon. A blogger is likely to update ASAP if no net connection is available. So if a blogger hasn’t had a net connection and was suffering blog blocked then s/he is likely to share an update soon.
As then feeling of blogging grows on you, and you start updating about everything for example what did u eat to what time you slept, the other end of the spectrum sees you not wanting you blogging at all and worst, if you happen to blog hop even if you don’t happen to blog then as soon as a blog template like your appear then you are likely to click “Next Blog” even before going through the latest update, forget even courteous comment. So much so I forgot to blog on Blog Day.
That’s what I would do. So before I get in a regressive mode. I though t to shake of the dust and post an update or sel I would spiral into laze and since there isn’t much cricket action as well,so would really feel stoned to post an update. I detest this feeling so I thought lets kill the beast of burden.

Back to School.

I joined in an MBA course in Mumbai city. So many friends called up suggesting “You must be excited”. I was as sedated as I could be following lunch on typical Sunday afternoons. I replied a laconic tone a dragging “Yeah … “. I don’t know why I was so damn cold. I was about to reach college my father called wishing me luck. My parents were perhaps more excited then I am. The orientation took place yesterday, I was searching for engineers, I hardly found any there were a few guys though, there were guys and gals from other stream, B.Sc, B.Comm, B.A. Zoology B.B.A. for once in my life I was feeling uneasy. The lingo has changed since I last sat in college a few years ago. It was all weird. Let’s see, hope to go there and break lots of ice (read glaciers or ice shelves). I hope I can push myself to do that. I met a few people yesterday, some just out of college, and some with a much work experience.
An informal introduction took place and then there was a Shanti Patth and a Havaan took place. Panditiji was damn cool. He talked to us after the puja and addressed lot many good issues. He suggested meditation along with studies. He also told a few mythical stories driving home the point. I was damn tired when I came back home. I was physically drained. I am not an owl but I prefer to sleep around midnight and get up around 7:15. I slept really early yesterday and got up early. So feeling great, I just that I may be late for college.
Today is something to do with psychometric test. Let’s see what it is all about. I was expecting to make friends like I did when I was doing engineering and while I was working in Surat but I think I need a fresh perspective. I hope I don’t make mistake that I did when I was studying engineering.
Making same mistake twice.

Second Edit: Review, Rock On


Keshi said...

I blog cos I wanna express...so yeah, I never suffer from writer's block lol!

WOW back to school ha! Good on ya! ALL THE BEST TARUN :) And dun worry, u dun hv to TRY to make friends...real bonds just happen.

btw come and check my blog, u hv an award :)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Thanks so much.B-School way too different,somethings making me unexpectedly hesitant.ANyways lets see.
Thank U for the award

Cuckoo said...

Congratulations !!

I have so many readers on my blog who have done MBA or doing it right now after some yrs of work. Almost all in Mumbai.
SO, have you left your job & joined full time or juggling ?

P.S.- I am yet to comment on your some of earlier posts where I wanted to comment. :(

How do you write so much & so many posts ? Let me also learn something.

Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo: Writing long post on "Cricket" is a bit easier then writing things on "About" and "Blogs".
I am doing my MBA full time.So had to leave my job.
No worries about comments on earlier post.Better late then never.
I dont exactly have the formula of writing long post.I think the determination of some one who read the post should be commendable. :D

Akshat Jain said...

Sahi hai... back to studies...which MBA college...and Mumbai mein kidhar hai...