About: Blog Action Day

Poverty, an irony that Earth has never ever seen so much prosperity while majority of other human beings strive to even dream of those opulent things we have deemed basic necessity.

A few humble words of hope and wishes, from someone you believe earning smiles of appreciation means the job is truly well done.

Today is the Blog Action Day.


Keshi said...

Alot of ppl in this world r plain greedy and thats why there's so much Poverty.

Sometimes I wonder why some of those very rich ppl cant distribute their wealth to the needy...and also why cant some very high salaries (basically for doing nothing) be cut down to a normal wage.


Solitaire said...

The more we get, the more we want.

Tarun said...

@ Keshi: U know Karl Marx said the same thing...

@ Sol: Hey, thanks ... :)

Keshi said...

** Karl Marx

really? I didnt know...so I didnt copy him ok :)