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I don’t know what made me jumped on to Google and search for Limp Bizkit’s famous lyrics of that Mission Impossible II theme track while I was checking my portfolio. I like anyone else have been hit but personally for me with regard to my portfolio I am not that worried. I am just counting myself lucky. I go to college everyday 2-3% falls were not tickled the funny bone and just seemed as mundane as flushing toilets. The 5-6 % falls is like a clap of a thunder when you are walking downs the road, with the road is neck deep in floods and you know you are going to see the worst of it. On the other hand if the indices rose more than 2-3 % apprehensions would surface knowing that a next step down isn’t to far away. It is amazing how one year back last Diwali investment in equity seemed something obvious to do, today I stand at other end of the spectrum.

The BSE “tanked” by more than 11%. There were some shares that halved some reduce by 1/3 and so was the remained of the other shares. When the down slide had started not so long ago I was marginally in red. I know a few feet under danger mark knowing perhaps the worst of it is yet to come. Although my losses is not a loss per se I have full sympathy for those small time investor who had families to support and collected marginal some of money wanting to breathe just a wee bit easy. No I am not a big time investor who has minted money big time. But then on a stoic note, this too shall pass. The stupid thing to do would be just see the carnage and not dig into the reasons as to what really went into the making of the the events on the bourses. It is very important as an investor and as a student to know wha exactly is happening so that a better plan is formulated, financial targets are revised.

What happens is when things move rapidly to the other extreme instead of asking for relief from the pain or going mad, you start to enjoy it. If you can’t bear the pain then enjoy it. I know ever cloud has silver lining there are a few positive aspects too. The Great American Dream is turning into a Global Nightmare. Everyone remembers the Tsunami that hit Asian shores on the fate less day of 26 December. This one is perhaps of peoples negligence, folly and intentional. I asked my Finance Prof for reasons for the turmoil. I think he expected it coz before I completed my questions, he answered Greed. All subsequent questions answered, he moved on to his cup of tea and I took a break for a hot plate of Samosa.

I am no finance wizard; I am hardly good at anything besides blowing bubbles inside a bubble while chewing a bubble gum. It is fun and like most things I learnt to do it accidentally, I haven’t done this, it is something simple to do, I hold no monopoly claims over it. But let me say this, it is not disgusting it is an art. Those who make a shoo away face, are just being unappreciative.

There has been a lot lately about Marxism and Socialism. There was something on IBN’s website about Marxism, which compelled me to download Das Kapital. I still have to read it though. But then people have tendency to write off when things just slip or wobble. I know the current scenario is more than a wobble. I have a resentment for socialism/Marxist theory. I think it will lead to more corruption. No, democracy isn’t free of corruption and I think that democracy needs some corrupt/violent elements. It ensures that we are patient towards other and then it also provides us scope and urge to move forward though.

I don’t know what Jinnah thought of legacy. I wonder what Nusli Wadia thinks of legacy/inheritance Nusli Wadia’s maternal grandfather was M.A Jinnah. But I think Raj Thackeray is a worthy successor. Jinnah divided the country on the basis of Religion while Raj Thackeray has gone a set further; he is busy undermining the country on the basis of Region/Language. The poor and need will remain hapless while self labelled educated liberals stand for the cause of Mr Raj Thackeray. He is busy creating a platform for the coming elections in Maharashtra. The Congress-NCP coalition has a tacit agreement with him, perhaps Mr Raj Thackeray would want to cover a few more bases coz Congress can pull you down before you say I. He will obviously cut into votes for BJP-Shiv Sena coalition that’s what the tacit support from Congress is for. While Congress has sequentially dumped their political allies, Mayawati, Laloo Prasad, Communists at times Mamta, NCP soon perhaps. I see Congress winning the next general elections and I hope they do it on their own as coalition politics has been a bane of Indian politics. I just wish to see a single party rule again. I think I am not worried about the growth part of economics, I think coalition serves interests for short term and politicians just support each other so that they can scratch each other back.

The courts should exile him for like 5 years to some bewildering village in North Kosi district in Bihar and ask him to do his community service there. But since he is rich, yes he has a few hundred acres of land in this city of Mumbai where land rates are on top of the world. He doesn’t have to worry about his present assets perhaps he want a few more and there is lot more on offer if he manages to cut into votes bases.

After seeing such turmoil all round, I guess things that have already happened and will happen, I haven't waited for Diwali with such eagerness. Tough times dont last tough people do.

Football is on, Chelsea vs Liverpool. Liverpool is one of the reason I have shifted my loyalty from teh colour blue to colour red. May the best team win.
Liverpool win one nil much to my delight.


Keshi said...

I hate Finance...the closer I ever got to it was in Uni with Micro and Macro Econ subjects and I hated em...yet I got Distinctions.
God knows how!


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Ask God to give me a call.

Renjith Nair said...


Keshi said...

haha even He wudnt know how!


Tarun said...

@ Renjith: Thanks ... do come by again.

@ Keshi: I imagine it to be more than jus goof luck then ...
Diwali greetings, Keshi

Keshi said...

Happy Diwali to u too Tarun! :)

And TC...I saw the blasts on TV last nite...wuts going on?


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:One of those complicated socio-political issue.My Diwali was good.