About: Books in 2008

As this year is coming to an end check out some of the books that were not written on events of 2008.

Down the slope. – Economists and Financiers.

Sensex from 8000-21000, A reverse time line

Oil sinks in water – OPEC Apex Committee

Peaceful intentions and honest motive – “Commanders” of JuD, LeT, ISI, Taliban Al-Qaeda, (first written in 1947, but 25 new revisions and 30 new chapter in last five years)

A Boat from Pakistan – Ajmal Kasab

Sleeping in the hour of crises – Shivraj Patil

A new Strategy on IPOs and Bonus Shares – Anil Ambani

In the name of the father – Mukesh Ambani

How to score runs in India? Ricky Ponting

Ek thapad ki goonj – Harbhajan Singh

A monkey off my back – Andrew Symonds

Lapping cricketers and their wives – Allan Stanford

Asset to all liabilities to none, a CFO’s account - Anon

Cut costs and losses, a cry for bail out – Association of American Industry

Bank on me – Lehman Brothers

A house with ceiling and no walls – Housing Loan provider

Heavy Price of cheap home loans –

I was there when GDP was 9.3% - P Chidambaram

Art of (Proxy) War – Anon

Aiding terror – Account of US aid pumped into Pakistan - Senate Committee members

Between Diwali and Christmas in 2008 – A Taj tragedy victim.

Realty bites and costs, A marginal dip in Reality stocks – Promoters of DLF and Unitech

A look at the Taj from the Gate Way of India – A mute spectators

Lets fly to the moon – ISRO team members

Booted out of Iraq - George Bush

A long road from White house to my ranch - George Bush

Paint it Black – A white house intern

Not quiet in White House – Hillary Clinton

When I was young (a volume of 3 books) – John McCain

One for a Billion – Abhinav Bindra

How I duped Ponting? – Mahendra Singh Dhoni

At last, I did retire – Sourav Ganguly

At last, I shall two retire – Mattew Hayden

How to get into an MBA – Me

Wealth on top of the Pyramid – A billionaires perspective

How an American earns, invests spends and saves? – Joe and Jane

Value of dividends and bonus shares – India Share holders

Taking claims of lives – Shivraj Patil

American Banking System’s fine print - Ben Bernanke

Only the poor die, rich get bailed out – You and me

How to cook controversy for reality TV? – Anon

It is NEWS if it is on You tube – Content writers for NEWS Channels.

Me Marathi - Raj Thackeray

How to beg, exhort and claim self respect? – Raj Thackeray

Terror in two square miles – A victim’s account.

Trust me – Communist Party of India.

No Big Deal, Fine print of India’s Nuclear deal – Manmohan Singh

Why was I forced to resign? Vilasrao Dehmukh

Famous Hindi movie dialogues – R.R Patil

How to stop living and start worrying? – We the people.

Karl Marx said so … - A diehard Communists

The First President of United States - Barrack Obama

T20 a bookers Delight – Local book maker

Hype of the cash – An IPL fan.

Cost of Rupees 38 to 50, still counting – Money exchanger

Back to Chennai – Sachin Tendulkar.

Chucking Pie – Yuvraj Singh


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

lol! Good ones! Very well thought aye!
Baaki sabka toh pata nahi .. but am really looking forward to reading "How to get into an MBA - Me"


and damn funny @ John McCain's book!!

very true @ How to stop living & start worrying

very sarcastic @ lehman brothers ;p

good ones really! pure satire!

Anonymous said...

Politicians Like Raj Thackeray – Cause of a weakening Indian Society
Don’t blame Pakistan or the terrorist. They had the courage and pride to inflict damage to a country they believe is there enemy. We have to blame so called Indians like the Thackeray’s and the people who follow them (Marathi Manoos) who are making our society weak. These people unlike the rest of India have never had to struggle and have lived off the wealth created by outsiders. They have negligible contribution towards the growth of Mumbai which was created by outsiders who believed in national pride, hope, hard work and continuous struggle for progress. Mumbai was created by British, Gujaratis, Marwadis, Parsis and companies like TATA’s whose wealth came from their flagship company “Tata Steel” in Bihar. In fact most of these people don’t know or care about Indian History, have never stepped outside Maharastra and are not aware that Mumbai wasn’t even a part of Maharashtra.

Lack of enterprise, ethics, courage and hard work has resulted in a society which demonstrates incompetence in every area and has the potential to adversely effect the Nations growth and prosperity. This is not a simple problem. A weak society influenced by paranoid cowards, completely detached from reality, confused and megalomaniacs like Raj Thackeray has the potential to completely destroy the country to take india to fragmented pre-1947 india , which was a period of intense repression from foreign forces where we saw large scale genocides, large scale destruction of hindu temples and blatant conversion of temples into mosques

Steve Massanelli said...

Enjoyed your list of books, both the humorous and the serious.

Anonymous said...

And there is atleast one movie to be taken 'Mum'Taj - A horror story by Ram Gopal Varma.

And a book:

Dogs of War - V.S Achuthanandan

Cess said...

hope u had a great Xmas and i wish an awesome end of the year!!!!

Tarun said...

@ Loony: How have u been Loony.

@ Anon: Hi thanks for ur comment.

@ Steve: Thank u Steve Glad u came

@ Sathya: :) Lets leave RGV alone.

@ Cess: U still on holidays?

SMM said...

Hey Tarun...nice titles. Would love top be actually reading them :)

Btw one more book which could have been published:

"Ek phool do maali" - Rahul Mahajan

Ria said...

tht was quite a list. :) really liked it.

Keshi said...

cool list Tarun :)

Happy New Year to ya!

And I wanna thank u for always being there for me and for ur genuine friendship in 2008. I can honestly thank only very few ppl in that respect, so consider urself being honored :)



Keshi said...

;-) tnxx mate!


Tarun said...

@ SMM: Yeah and one more book deserves a mention, "Ruckus of unreality TV."

@ Ria: Wait for the awaited books in 2009.LOL

@ Keshi: OMG I have an alien visitng me. *Grins*
There is a lot of honor in earning your honor,your honor
Take care Keshi.

Keshi said...

haha! :) I live in Mars yes..


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: How was new Years at mars?