Blog: Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, here in the northern hemisphere. The days become longer from today, while winter hasn't exactly set in any where around, even as we see winter solstice come and go, one can expect things to cool as we head towards Christmas, New Year's and Lohri. My exams begin in first week of Jan, so I guess new Year's party wont be exactly happening,but I am not complaining though.

Also The Taj and the Trident opened today after the 26 November shocker. Do we as Indian citizen, world's largest democracy accept terrorism as a part of our life or do we have right to live peacefully? We have just sent a probe to moon I think we are capable to help Pakis dismantle and destroy the terrorist infrasturcture they have so painful nurtured, assisted, may be even shown off but never accepted. I firmly believe that while combing operations in the Taj Mahal hotel and Oberoi hotel were still going on, we could have made air strikes in Paki occupied Kashmir and perhaps gave them the taste of their own medicine which much heavier potency. Once bitten twice shy, I dont think Pakis will ever learn their lessons, China and US both tacitly know what Pakis are upto but the dynamics is as such that those who live by the sword die by it. I am afraid we as a country should have enough spine to retaliate to injustice after all bearing injustice is greater injustice to doing it. The people who go over board and get  influenced by religious moolahs whose motive are anything but holy should also be bought to book and hanged on the hook.

Well it looks this the match between England and India seems to be headed for a draw. I haven't taken into account Sehwag factor if he plays like the way he did in Chennai then the colours of the game will change with a session else we are headed for a draw.

Talking of drawing, SAfs have drawn first blood. The hapless Aussies were not even able to defend a mammoth of 414 runs, they did not have enough fire power. Since the now unfamous Sydney test the Aussies seem t carry on the guilt, they have progressively waned. Yeah they won against West Indies and Kiwis, if they had no posted win against these teams, one could say for sure they have waned. Although Kiwis did pin them in the first test match, Aussie went on to beat them comfortably, shall we say. Hayden and Ponting cannot find corner to hide their face. 
Greame Smith and De Villeirs rocked Aussies with century, Kallis played crucial hand with the bat and bowl to score runs and claim wickets. SAfs always seem to produce all rounders, I wonder when Albie Morkel gets a look into the test side? So much for cricket.

The song played below is one of the classic Lata songs from the movie "Sunny", the movie had couple of more songs,a good collection of tracks to have if you into old Hindi songs.
These days lyrics and songs and are not worth mentioning, they sell something which make u creep and cringe. I don't know whats wrong but I wonder if it just me.


Arvind said...

about Pak :
We should tell our friendly neighbors clearly... If you pretend terrorist camps dont exist in Pakistan, then we will pretend there is no Pakistan and test our missiles there.. If you dont have the capability to take on the terrorists, we are ready to help you.. But if you are desperate for war, we are ready... it will just be like a game of battleships..

Aus SA test
Excellent performance by SA.. every one except McKenzie contributed.. its surprising how easily India and now SA have chased - what was supposed to be a tough target.. It was a similar batting performance. And Aussie pacers probably bowled as badly as english spinners in Chennai. by the way teams are chasing now... it would be surprising what target Dhoni gives in Mohali...

lyrics complaint
though I agree with lyrics not being worth mentioning, songs have been pretty decent in 2008...

Tarun said...

@ Arvind: Thanks for coming by.I too have reservations on Yuvi in test, but I want him to do well.