Blog: Hysterical year.

I am counting down to 2009. It has been a weird year for more than one reasons. I am shaken and stirred. The fact remains that life is uncertain and whats you see may not be what you get.
A to Z for 2008 from me, random words as they come to my mind.

A: Attack, Abhinav, Antulay, Ahemdabad, Australia, Asin, Alibaug, Alive
B: Banglore, Bombs, Bankruptcy, Barrack, Bush, Bluff, Banks
C: Caught, Calls, Chidambaram Confusion, Crude, Chandrayan-I, Centuries
D: Dhoni, Delhi, Drinks, Derivatives, Dead
E: Explosives, Explosion, Eclipses, Extrapolation
F: Fun, Family, Friends, Fear, Fuck off, Ford, Futures and Options
G: Guns,Government Bail out, Gutted, Goons
H: Hoax, Hindu Terrorism, Highlights, Hamas, HRM, Hysteria
I: Me, Ishant, India, Israel, Isinbayeva, ISI, Inflation, IPL
J: Juxtaposed, Jealous, Justice denied, Jolt, Joint director,
K: Killed
L: Love, Lost, Letters, Location, Losses
M: Mass murders, Mute, Mothers,
N: No action, NEWS, Nano, Nandigram, Nephew, NSG
O: Olympics, O +ve, Owl, Opal, Operations, Omlette
P: Pakistan, People, Positive, Post poned, Pink Slips, Peace
Q: Quiet, Quilt, Queen Bee, Qaeda Quorum,
R: Reticent, Received, Rumours, Reliance, Raj, Rafael, Roger
S: Society, Sachin, Sourav, Sentiments, Salience, Shivraj, Smith, Sehwag
T: Tea, Terror, Taj, Tension, Threat,
U: Usain, Utopia, Unwarranted, Unsxploded, Uncertain
V: Vote, Vaccination, Victory, Verify, Vilify,
W: We, Wimbeldon, Want, Warne,Washington Mutual, Wachovia,
X: Xenophobia, Xerox, Xavier
Y: Yet, Yearn, Yesterday, Yoga, Yuvraj
Z: Zenith, Zeal, Zero


Anonymous said...


How did you miss L for Lehman (lemon?), M for Merryl (lynched?) and S for Sensex (ex-sense)and Saina, V for Vishy Anand


But your words have given me sources for my Top Memories of 2008 - next parts.

Tarun said...

I though Lehman and Mrriyl were covered in Banks ... lol

Yeah missed Nehwal and Vishy. :(

Tarun Goel said...

Nicely compiled :)

Mary said...

Nice post! I've never seen anything like this before. It would be interesting to do one each year :)

Tarun said...

@ Tarun:Wow two bloggers of the same name. Thanks :)

@ Mary: Yes sure it would be intersting to check it out.