Blog: A long sunday

I have been in a contemplative mood, keeping as many observations as possible. I called up a set of friends, a friend of mine has his birthday today, some more birthday lined up in coming fews day. By the way I have my exams too,just confirmed the exam dates yesterday, in short I have lots of "dates" coming up in next few days. The fun starts on the the 6 and ends of 19. Then I got places to visit and friends to meet. Lets see how I fare in times to come.

Practice is the key. MBA is kinda "different" you need to know a lot and you should present lots of examples. You need to rote/mug up/understand a lot of theory. But then it is tough in the sense, that one you should know a lot and second you should be able to put across the point to the person checking your paper. Both supplement each other. Since the time is of essence or rather in essence, going through Kotler is no easy taks, but then what you sow is what you reap isn't it. I know agri business seems to have a bright scope but I wasn't discussing agri business and the future ahead.

But something I like to discuss, is Amul. Yeah Amul the taste of India. It is an amazing story by itself, but I love their ads, they are a class in their own right.

Do checkc out it not only tickle the funny bone often it has a lingering thought that leaves int he mind,full marks for people behind Amul ads. I remember there use to be Amul hoarding in Juhu and at Worli and if I remember at Bandra-Mahim junction , but havent seen too many in the northern suburbs.

Then there were few snaps which were taken, my Bhabhi clicked the snap wanting my nephew to wear the sun glasses,he was n't to impressed with the idea of wearing, so I showed him the way to put on the sunglasses in style. I loved the snap coz of the kids expression, it say it all doesnt it? He wasn't keeping all that well a few weeks back, but know he is back in business and keep everyone on toes. He is very aware of his snaps being clicked, so much so that at times he hold the "pose" even after the snap is clicked. I wonder what goes through kid's mind. But then we ourselves don't know whats going through your mind, right.


Cess said...

I ll have a thought for u tomorrow.
And ur nephew is so darn cute

SMM said...

I agree with Cess....I love the expression on the kid's face. says it all.

Btw the Amul ads are a legend in themselves. I remember there was on on the EM Bypass in Calcutta which we used to regularly watch out for.

Mary said...

cute picture!!
good luck for your exams :) and be sure to relax and have fun once they are over.

Tarun said...

@ Cess:Hpoeing to see ur thoughts toomm.Yeah the kid is cool.

@ SMM: Never been to the City of Joy.

@ Mary: How u doing?

Keshi said...

awww cute pic! I think he's thinking ' o boy if only I cud steal those sunnies I'd win so many girls' hearts!'



Tarun said...

@ Keshi: I will try to convey ur message.

Cuckoo said...

Lol.... kids are more smarter than us. So, beware !!

Tarun said...

@ Cuckoo: Yeah.I am fully "aware". :D