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The class of A.R. Rahman.

I knew someone would only watch films because it had music composed by the A.R. Rahman. He would have surely celebrated Rahman winning a Gloden Globe. I am happy for both Rahman and one of the perhaps billion honest Rahman fans. His speciality seems to be fusing different music together and off course not being truly type casted i.e. churning music of only one limited kind. But then Rahman has this great ability to use fusion type of music albeit in his "uninspired" (read not copied aka original) signature style. The music of Slumdog was brilliant. I think the next venture releasing would be Delhi 6 starring Abhishekh and Sonam Kapoor. I look forward to this movie. An honest confession would be that after Chandni Chowk to China any movie should be worth the watch.
The lyrics are I believe by Prasoon Joshi is the lyricist. The "freaky" ad man came Prasoon Joshi penning down lyrics for this track, while Rahman get company of Benny Dayal to croon this song. If you like Hindi Music do check one out, just incase you dont follow it , I think the music deserves the attention of your ear drums. I know Masakalli is doing fabulously one reason perhaps thats the only video of Delhi 6 which is out.
This post isnt a muric review of Delhi 6, I havent heard all songs. But just heard Rehna Tu and loved it. I have already heard it like half a dozen times.


Sakshi said...

My fav is Genda Phool and Bhor bhayee.
Genda Phool is the right fit for the earthy vocals of Rekha Bhardwaj.
Bhor bhayee is mind blowing, remixed Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan's classic track with an amazing perfomance by Shreya Ghoshal.
The other tracks are good but dont even come close to these two :)

Tarun said...

@ Sakhi: Well checking out the other songs too.
Stamp of autority of the Master on this track.

Cess said...

nice song :) and my god u definitively did not like that movie Chandni Chowk to China cz u already mentioned it on previous posts :P

Dink.S said...

Listening to this album non-stop for over a week. What a classic this is!

I never thought I would like an 8 minute song but Arziyan is such a calming number! I listen to it whenever I am driving.

I like most of the songs in this album but my favourites are : Rehna tu, Arziyan and Genda phool. Oh yeah of course Masakali :)

Tarun said...

@ Cess:Well CC2C better not said about that.It sucked. :P

@ Arvind: Yeah me to searching for that songs.

Keshi said...

aww where's my comment?


Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Well ... I m clueless.

rajk said...

Hi, Masakkali is by Mohit Chauhan, not Benny Dayal....
Great songs, though, all of them!