Cricket: IPL T20.

T-20 Mania is On.

Cricket is different from T-20. Cricket is cricket; T-20 is T-20. It is something like studying two different subjects for examinations to be prepared from the same text book. I had done the previous a few years ago.
So it is 20 point blog, not quiet a “twitter”.

  1. Mumbai Indians draw first blood, score in excess of 160.
  2. I saw a reluctant Tendulkar, score a fifty and Jayasuriya started but faded.
  3. Dropped chances almost even the match, but Chennai flattered to deceive.
  4. Dumminy walk out of limelight, better luck next time.
  5. Nayyar, challenege from him is to emulate and better Yuvraj, Dhoni, Yusuf Pathan.
  6. Nayyar would be proud to smack 3 sixes in an over on Flintoff.
  7. Tendulkar shepherd the flock, but team lost too many wickets.
  8. IPL = Inadvertent Promotion League, give us a break from Ads Mr. Modi.
  9. Cheerleaders, :P
  10. Parthiv Patel come on kid, do something.
  11. Lasith Slinger Malinga fastest underarm bowler?
  12. Zaheer as cool as you like, he can bowl with blindfold and walking towards the bastmen with his back facing the bowler. 
  13. Bravo … what panache of the man
  14. Dhoni shows a sneak peek on how to construct a T20 innings.
  15. Bhajji, almost got his man, and then got Freddie Flintstome Flintoff.
  16. Hayden the big oak looked threatening.
  17. The Big Oak, caught brilliantly by Zak off eternal young, old guard Jayasuriya.
  18. Oram almost won them the watch by tryng to get more than maximum.
  19. Lasith Malinga and Nayyar to take Mumbai Indians forward.
  20. Team with a flexible potent and explosive middle order is the key.

That was for the first edit, second edit after the second Match.

Second Edit:
  1. Always bet on the underdog.
  2. The bookmakers would definetly give a thumbs up to T20.
  3. Rahul Darvid is in a class of his one, so is Kumble.
  4. Mascrenhas, screams two in two, RCB have their backs to the Wall.
  5. Pitersen, remains half as good as pie.
  6. Dravid smacked a six, Kumble take 5 for 5, RCB defend a meagre 130 odd.
  7. Warne shall remain Sheikh of tweak, man has control over the ball.
  8. Virat Kohli, seems, acts, behaves like a brat, he is oversmart for himself.
  9. Praveen Kumar, perhaps got under Smiths skin, Smith edged Praveen to Dravid.
  10. Jesse the big barrel rolled one on to Tyron’s stumps.
  11. Dravid want to be Warne bunny, but he did catch him.
  12. Munaf Patel looks like one from India’s most wanted.
  13. For once Ms Shetty want beaming/flashing her teeth.
  14. Those who said T20 if for young would have seen today’s match with lots of interest.
  15. Warne, Kumble have retired Dravid is in Twilight but managed to set tone of thigns to come.
  16. Yusuf Pathan should think with his brains and then use his brawns instead of experimenting on the opposite tread.
  17. You cannot keep Jesse Ryder out of the game.
  18. The number three five and six in batting order are crucial for T20.Was it Pietersen for Banglore and Warne for Rajasthan, Royal Rajasthan lost by a very big Margrin.
  19. T20 teams got to have a Talisman cricketer to pull the rabbit out of the hat.
  20. Will the huge deficit for Royals prove to be there undoing in the even of run rate?

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