Cricket: Mumbai lose way to Hyderabad.

  1. Some basic rules of cricket should aply to T20 as well, key factors being, opening partnership, performance of top order batsmen and bowlers, fielding, supreme quality of cricket.
  2. The matches in this IPL has four session divide by 2 unStrategic time outs and an innings change.
  3. It was the match of the slingers, Edwards takes two. Malinga, takes three.
  4. Deccan Chargers Hyderabad are the team to beat.
  5. I am not convinced about batting line of most teams, Nayar has to bat in top four.
  6. Dhaval Kulkarni didn’t bat much didn’t bowl well, why was he played?
  7. Is Bhajji watching the speeds of other bowlers especially finger spinners?
  8. Will the law of averages catch up with Gilchrist? He batted brilliantly.
  9. Dwayne Bravo is magnificient, so is slinga Malinga, some breath taking stuff.
  10. Mumbai India onus pretty much on Tendulkar.
  11. Bhajji should have done better with the ball, but he did make amends with the bat.
  12. Those who said T20 is for young shouldn’t watch IPL-2.
  13. Some of the field placements were amusing, no mid wicket for Gibbs and no third man for Gilchrist were a few of them.
  14. The first couple of overs after unStrategic time out key to most matches.
  15. Win toss, bat first and defend, is that the key to IPL-2.
  16. Pragyan Ojha is looking ominous, Ojha vs Ganguly is what I am looking forward too Slinga Malinga and Yusuf Pathan at the death would be joy to watch.
  17. It was raining sixes, I think boundaries should be there, atleast it doesn’t have any bearing on the match.
  18. Gibbs and Gilchrist made a huge hole by commanding awe.
  19. There are several dilemma facing captains but no one seems to go traditional, conserve wickets and look to explode around last five overs.
  20. Mumbai Indians will find hard to cement place in semis on current form.

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Keshi said...

ur Cricket frenzy is costing u ur friends Tarun! u hvnt said HI in a while now LOL!