About: Rain and smell of earth:

This song has nothing to do with Vinod Khanna losing elections, or Rajasthan Royals bowing out or Dr Man Mohan Singh aka the Singh is the King. As India happens to make a smooth transition from a democracy to a Oligoarchy-Dynastic form of Democracy, off course rules of succession are governed by sycophancy and nepotism. Other would associate dynasty with kingdoms fiefdom and feudalism setups. But we have over the ages across social set ups chosen dynasties especially after our first elections in 1952 two years after India deemed herself Republic. You can check out all other isms and archies on this link. The fact is all democracies anywhere in the world mature into Oligarchy. This in turn again reinstates my belief in what Aesop said, "The petty thieves are hanged and the great ones are elected to public office."

I believe politics in the air. :P One more thing besides politics in the air was the sweetest aroma of dry earth drenched in the season's first rains. I hope people know that in India, rain is a season rather than a daily phenomenon, unlike other geographies where you are likely to get rains pretty much round the year or no rains for ages. But out here it is the season, it often it frustrating when you have to contain with only rains for say an extended weekend. The frustration can only be digusted by hot pakoda of all size forms shapes, but something I deeply detest are Baingun (Brinjal) pakodas. The favourites being aloo (potato) and onion pakodas. I didnt mention hot samosa and spicy chatnis, did I?

I just wanted to blog this song,I was thinking about it, since I saw dark clouds from my balcony early morning today and then in the evening I just knew it would rain. I love it when it rains. I also dont mind having roasted corn when it rains,something I always do if and when I go to band stand Bandra. :)

This is one of the shortest post I have remembered writing. It is perhaps just the mood, the day didnt go so exhubrently well, infacst could have gone better but one of the days when you go to bed you can afford to smile and sense a reason of achievement.


Sweet Saachi said...

hey tarun.... i think reading u post ppl can relate themselves to it.... its actually what ppl think when they see the first rains or they feel about it.... (but ya whenever u go to bandra to have roasted corn plz do call me would love to come)...:D

Keshi said...

It's raining here in Sydney right now... :)