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I often wonder, what lies beyond the horizons. Errm emm hmm … should I have corrected myself for horizons and replace it by a much more apt word; horizon. The difference is just ever so slight. In most things, and matter we deal in life, the difference is just a slight and you can get a completely different scenarios. I am not talking about what if Adam would have met Madonna before Eve and what if Madonna had given him singing and dancing lessons or adopted him or for that matter, if Adam had eaten the serpent instead of the apple, would then, the apple still fallen in front of Newton? The debate is pretty much endless, something time is not. It is definitely anything to do with ifs and what ifs and the what if nots. I mean there is no end to it.

After all everything that has a beginning has a have end, perhaps the never stated part is you have neither there is a will or control over the beginning or the end. I first heard that on the television while matching Mahabharata when I was a kid, then heard it once again a few days back when I was watching the movie, the Matrix. The double references were made so that there would be no chance of me double crossing.

It will never ever make sense, I mean this world, if you don’t think about it, be patient with yourself and you put genuine effort to change the necessary condition. I wonder if the best sleep is when you are busy on something, something as alluring as first rays of the sun, the enigmatic black trouser, that cool cool ice tea, a Coke, or smile or make someone smile and then you you get up and just now what is the right thing to do and how best you can do it. Yes seeing someone smile in present scenario is growing to become one of the most alluring things in this present age, especially when a smile is reduce to a, : and a, ).

For me, it in not what or how much I know, it is what I realize that is more important for me, I hardly talk about me in my blogs, I never wanted to try it. I think putting across my opinions is simple, but conveying emotions is particular tough for me, I guess that true for all. I have respect for people who emote very well, and actually (read in fact) convey what they feel, unfortunately I have known many people who do that or either appreciates that, I don’t, I know. I don’t know if I blog behind a veil or imagination or mask of indemnity of a fear or I actually put on something I don’t have to justify the words I write, the sentence I write the opinions I express. I am still not clear with the reason I blog. I guess there is no reason because there is no aim why I blog. I have contemplated over this quiet frequently is last couple of fortnights if not more. I do contemplate if the need arises.

Swine flu.

Well the scare is on, I don’t know what causes what are the symptoms of it. All I know is the fear psychosis of it will cause more damage then the actual thing might. There is this big weekend coming up, Janamashtmi, Independence Day and Sunday, so may be if people wanna, stay at home for just tomorrow it wont be a worry. I mean staying away from offices and public areas. I wonder if that’s the best thing to do.

From the classic movie,Sholay, its been reported that many people vied desperately to play Gabbar,Amitabh did play Babban after all those years in a rather forgetful movie.But yeah lot of people did want to play that role. A couple of all time, great dialogues are here in this scene. Take time to watch it. Its fun, for more off course there is the whole movie,anyone who has followed Hindi movie, ought to have scenes this. Sholay will always remains el classico of all Hindia movies. I could simply say Sholay has always been hot. :D

So many things to say … next update soon …


Keshi said...

**I am still not clear with the reason I blog. I guess there is no reason because there is no aim why I blog

there's no need to hv a clear reason why u blog. as long as it set u free or took a weight off ur mind. it did for me, all these years. but right now Im not so sure. so Im taking flight...lets see how I feel down the track :)

Time has all the answers doesnt it.

TC Tarun

Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Time does seem to have all the right answers,no questions about that. ;)
Blogging is therapeutic and we are all emotionally hurt or tired or worn out.

Keshi said...

**Blogging is therapeutic

sometimes it can be the other way around. cos Blogging is not only abt Writing/Expressing. It's also abt OTHERS...ppl who connect with us, some who hurt us, some who take but never give etc etc. Blogging involves alot of human interaction just like the real world.

And no it wasnt abt the pace at which I updated or the number of posts I wrote. My current post is abt how ppl use and abuse each other in blogville. it has made me quite numb now :) I dun feel happy/sad anymore. I dun hurt. Im just exhausted from it all...all the ppl. For I can still write with the same zest if not for an audience.


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: If Blogging, is also abt Human interaction, then I dont damn care who says what.
*It's also abt OTHERS...ppl who connect with us*

I know,I relate to that ...

I am fine with what people think about me,good or bad.I may affect me, but I know to brush it off fast.
There is no question of even thinking that your zeal would ever wane ...

Keshi said...

**I am fine with what people think about me,good or bad.I may affect me, but I know to brush it off fast.

that may be cos u dun get too close to ppl here Tarun. I do. That is my weakness or not, I do not know. But that is me. I cannot change who I am just to suit a place can I? so thats why I need some time to reflect upon it all. And after 5yrs of blogging, I should know what Blogville has to offer and what it doesnt.


Catch ya later!

Tarun said...

@ Keshi:Yeah,do unto other,as other unto to you.I know you are close to many bloggers,but I think you should take everything with a pinch of salt (and black pepper,cardamon,chillies,turmeric etc.)

Neha said...

It will never make sense.. this world.. now those are some true words..you can just let it be.. and go on with the flow.. or get caught in a mess if you try and figure it out..:)

Anonymous said...

Candid post Tarun! Why you blog? Well, you got to find your answers. I am sure you are doing just that as you said this time, and before too. I can say about myself. I blog, becuase, I don't have a room large enough to shout. Even when I have one, there is no one inside it. So, my blog space is a room with a few people inside it from where I can shout on things that I need to shout about. These are important to me, maynot be for everyone else. Did I make any sense.
Swine flu: Yes, it is scary. But I guess people have also blown it out of proportion. It is anyway in control now. Let's hope it vanishes.
Sholay: Best movie ever made, anywhere in the world.

Tarun said...

@ Neha: :D I exactly know what you say. :)

@ Kulpreet: Not much shouting for me,I prefer subtelty of hints and body language.