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This is the real time snap of the planet I got it from here today is winter solistice, ie longest nite and shortest day of the calendar, of course for the northern hemisphere. The year is almost over and the new year is on the door step. The new year would be rushing with a Full Moon nite, which would also witness a Lunar eclipse, this year and day started and ended on the same day, Thursday. As if this year was short of action.

My semester exams begin early in Jan, and will last for like a fortnight. I would love to look back at the year, but will do it some other time. Lets just label that as fodder for thought and ruminate on that. I often wonder if I have left the ages behind or I am behind the herd by ages  ... :P such is life. But somehow I prefer the time which  will come rather than rue what happened. I always believe you can repair the damage or loss of the previous day, but for that you be a determinied, ever persevering and genuine,show a show of touch up wont help the cause.

Nothing fails as COP15 (read failure)

Some concerns in last few days were Copenhagen, someone on twitter suggest it is Nopenhagen. Something concrete coming out was remote, so the fiasco wasnt a suprise to me. USA did promise some cuts which only pointed to their moral bankruptcy apart from Financial riches which we have now been accusmoted to (by now). I thought they would be true world leaders and come out with agressive Carbon cuts, wasnt to be. The world largest polluter should accept their misdoings and convince there scientist and policy makers in a positive direction.

I mean everyone pointing towards India and China, I am convinced that the American and European companies operating there subsidiary in developing countries including India and China don't follow respective European and American norms of emissions. I don't imagine emission norms in India (if not China) are as strict as the norms of some of the developed countries. I would have loved to see the emissions level of a company operating in say USA or Canada or Australia and their, subsidiary working in India. It would make such an interesting reading.

No I am not suggesting India and China or Ethiopia should just keep on pumping Carbon into the biosphere in the name of developement. I am strictly for strict, enforcing emissions cute which would ensure Carbon emission reduced gradually. I think there is a case especially for India to invest into Solar, Hydro and Nuclear energy. Dont get too skeptic of word Nuclear, it sis urely for electicity. I mean imagine the business sense in going from conventional energy to solar and hydro power. I am a big fan of use of solar and wind form of energy. Ther is a lot more can be done. There is also a case od developing Green Houses to fight Green House Gases. Plantation and increase forest cover is the surest way of reducing if not reversing effect of Green house Gases.

Would you agree the growing population is challenge towards afforestation and re-plantation of tress? Yes? Here is where more sense comes into picture. I would love to cite, the example of Jaipur city. In many of the residential areas a group of 9-12 houses have a common garden so each house has access to may be three to four garden in the vicinity. Think about it a lot could be done that would be beneficial to al, instead of just piling concrete columns one on top of another.
But then it is something I just wish to see being implemented. The sooner the better. But then it is just a hope, dont see that happening on as large a scale as we can.

American citizens perpetrators on 26 Nov 2008?

Second controversy that haunts me is David Headley or whatever his name is. I don't think he is the king pin of the whole affair. The gut feeling suggest so. He is the fall guy. I don't think he worked alone, so there is a terrorist network thriving in USA. CIA did come out saying that neither Rana or Headley/whatever didn't work for them. Logical statement, nothing suprising. But then there has to be obviously more to this. Mumbai Police came out after 26 Nov 2008 that there was no ground support for the terrorist, that theory at least is put to rest now, and there was a definite plan with the terrorist that nite, they were definitely not wandering mercenaries. It would n't be wrong to assume, that the terrorist were trained personnel. They may have been trained for years, before they operation was even conceived. I mean to keep National Security Guards a bay for 60 hours, is something not you or I can do. I mean just civilians wont be able to do that. I requires some advance training with lot of co-ordination planning and exemplary skills. I can just pray that I am wrong and note making a mountain of a mole hill. But the fact is the 26 Nov 2008 want just a mole hill.

Can we do a Munich for conspirators of 26 Nov 2008?

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