Blog: High Fives and more

This week, my blog turned Five, I am so glad, although there is a question mark on frequency of late, but I am happy to stick around. I wonder if the question mark on the blog is a bit sterner because of missing out blogs on India’s recent ODI campaign in Asia cup. But don’t you worry the blog will be back as soon as the Tests starts.

There are blogs that just wither away like a tired breath or an ephemeral thought that came by just to go away but looking back makes me happy and it makes me wonder, for me blog for a great sense of relief and reprieve; not against anyone or someone or something, it was just a nice feeling to write what I thought was right at least in my point of view of writing the blog. It gave me a sense of purpose direction and a meaning. At times writing blog has a major challenge, conveying what you feel in the write words is a nerve racking, ground breaking exercise, but then the most simplest things to do are the ones which are the most tough to do and end up shaking and challenging your own core beliefs. My blog did that to me, often. I have had that repetitive feeling that I started, travelled far and wide within my thoughts and felt as if I have still to take the first step and still to make a proper beginning.

I could never imagine me ever doing anything creative, till now a blog is the most creative thing I can do. I don’t sing, dance, sketch, sculpt or paint, write poetry and various other things. But I am amazed how people do take pains and interest to do what they do. I am amazed with the talent and the thought that goes into doing what they do; I could never imagine doing these things with such gusto and fervor. All though the blog writing and blog itself is going stoic by each passing post, it’s the best time to reinvigorate it, change the course, and add some more interest to the topic that I want to cover. But I don’t wanna post anything for the semblance of it or creating furor in someone mind or spread malaise, court controversies for the sake of it. I write so that my empty mind does not become the Devil’s haunt.

It amazing when you sit and write something and then fingers ease into motion and something vivid came into being. Yes often it has been an escape route to get my bearings right or almost reset of not restart. At times it also been a perfect mask or an incognito as words dressed up unwanted, unwarranted situations, not the nicest things I should have said but never did or something which tickled my wits all found path in the words of my blog. I don’t think all of it was understood in the very perspective I tried to put it but that’s the advantage I took of helping me cope up with not so good times.

Twitter & Facebook updates now grab more of my attention, but nothing like sitting and writing a blog, posting it and then waiting for the first comment to appear on it. There are friends and then there are blog friends, there are a few who you always saw but never connected and then their blog friends most of whom I never saw but always seem to connect, to the point of asking opinions from them, on possibly important issues, e.g buying a cellphone. :P It could be whatever,I won’t call it blind faith. You think that’s the magic of words. The more blogs I wrote the more I understood of it and the more I wanted to write.

I think I have enough reasons in the head for me wanting to blog more and more regularly probably on diverse subjects.You know, I follow couple of more things besides Cricket. :D


Ginni said...

Like this..like this..Congrats :))
As writing a blog is a g8 relief
4r u .......reading ur blog give pplp new directions in life,it motivates them & persuade them to keep going.
Who says u nt creative..writing is as creative as painting/playing...dance etc & ur talent is juggling with words and understanding feelings through words ..Not all can do this
All the best
waiting for more more more.....more

Sudeep said...

Congrats on the fifth milestone. I achieved it in Jan/Feb this year and had written a post also which never got published. Must find it in the previous office backup.

I agree blogging can be a major stress buster and keeps many of us sane. I also take solace of the fact that I can write something even if I cannot paint, dance or all other stuff.

sincerely hoping that you return to find time for active blogging...

Tarun said...

@ Ginni: :) I wasnt every sure if I ever did that for anyone,tried doing that for myself,not always succeed in doing that.

@ Sudeep: *I agree blogging can be a major stress buster and keeps many of us sane.* Not being able to comment on blog friends blogs,drives me insane. :P
I am not sure,that I was ever away. :)