Cricket: Bowlers bake it Sehwag takes it.

India won the match but that didn’t quiet made it to the headlines, Sehwag played a controlled and most infamous 99s in the recent history, as recent as a test inning in which he was duped and stumped on 99 and that day Randiv was the victor and Sehwag was foxed. It is not the revenged that he sought.

They actually set it up.

Poor Indian bowlers have drawn a lot of flak, much of it would have been unnecessary and in much excess. Praveen Kumar has a happy knack of picking wickets early in the innings. He looks innocuous when he runs in to bowl. It is the after effect of his deliveries that the batsman feels sheepish and Praveen Kumar knows he has got one more wicket. Praveen rocked the Lankan top order and literally set the tone for whole match right from the first ball of the match. He claimed Upul Tharanga’s off stump and any worthy left hand batsman would have found himself failing to guard against that particular delivery. It is one delivery any batsman would have nightmare facing. It swung away late, opened up Tharanga beat him for pace, bounce, swing and crashed into his off stump, all of this is in a split second, marvellous.

Nehra too has a knack of picking wickets right at the top,this meant Lankans had to work very hard to post a decent total, with Jayawardene and Sanga not coming to party, Indian bolwers kept tightening the noose, as wickets kept falling from a poor start to an ordinary finish.

Dilshan did his bit, but definitely, his aura is not as daunting as it use to be. He scratched and tried to hold on the innings together, but he looked patchy at best. He scrapped along but kept scoring and fell to Ojha. There was this partnership but with much loss of early wickets and indifferent batting display, Lankans were out for less than impressive 170. Ravindra Jadeja took wickets, so I assume it was a bowler friendly pitch. Jadeja has to be there in the playing XI for some unknown, reason, don’t want to see him screwing up any more, I dope selectors would give Indian team a breather if Jadeja is dropped.

Indian batsmen - almost did it again.

The absence of Gambhir, Tendulkar & Yuvraj can obviously been there must be seen by all opposing teams. I still believe there is scope for Dravid at number four or five. But I don’t think he would be back in the ODI fold anymore. It was amazing how well he use to partner along with the likes of Yuvraj and Kaif and finish so many tight matches. He may not have scored big, but his calming influence in grooming a few youngsters simply cannot be denied. His influence seems to be missing especially if you look at the great absurd aka Rohit Sharma. Virat Kohli and Raina would only improve if they have a mentor like Dravid to bat along with while they are in the middle of the pitch scoring runs, taking matches to a favourable result. The wickets seems to be falling like nine pins, Karthik who should be keeping was out, nothing against him though, Virat Kohil and the great absurd soon came in and came out only to make sure that what would be a cruise seemed to be low scoring edge of the seat thriller. The scorecard read, India 30 something for three wickets.

There is some more on great absurd aka Rohit Sharma.

I wonder if he has realized that talent and panache more often then not would keep him out of the playing XI especially if he has ambitions to play test matches. He can hit long shots, he is a good finisher and looks really good while he last, which is generally for a short span. But he seems to have restricted himself to perform in IPL only. It is sad not to see him score runs with the kind of start he had got in 2007 T20 world cup and couple of IPLs. Raina wasn’t even in contention then and Rohit Shrama had all for his taking and make the most of opportunities, times have moved on Raina has a century on debut in a test and consistent performances in other formats has cemented his place while the great absurd is busy pondering if when would he earn a test cap. He was a major screw up in the last T20 world cup earlier this year in the match against Aussies. He seems to be as foolish as talented a player. I hope to see him score soon or he would be an excellent laughing stock besides rocking IPL.

Captain Cool and Sehwag the sedated.

This particular innings was akin to one he played in an Adelaide test when Indian toured Down under last, he scored, batted on and on and steered the ship to the harbour and got India a draw. Sehwag restrained and batted out the tough times and when wickets were falling around him, Sehwag would have seen the opportunity to score big runs. He had not scored a fifty in his last 11 innings. It was his time, almost. Raina and Sehwag had a decent partnership that would have calmed a few nerves of the Indian fans. Raina departed and Dhoni the captain cool played himself in and saw Sehwag go ballistic from the other end, as Indian marched on with so many numbers of overs left and a few freebies in the form of bonus points.

The fuss about 99 not out.

Yes, it is near yet so far. Sehwag was stumped of Randiv for 99 in one innings in the test series preceding this Tri Nations ODI series. With 5 runs to go and Sehwag on 99 not out and facing Randiv on 99, anything could have happened. Randiv around the wicket Sanga missed one and saw four byes, one more run with the match in the pocket, Randiv over stepped not with a small margin and Sehwag smashed him for six, but since it was match over before he actually smashed him, robbed him of a century. On the whole so called controversy, Sehwag knows 99 to 100 is one run, he wouldn’t make fuss about 100. I wont rule out, Sehwag tearing into Lankan bowling attack when we meet them in the next match or in the finals. Randiv can hood wink Sehwag and tell Sehwag that he foxed him for two international centuries in two weeks by keeping him stranded on 99.
In sports, love and war, business you get an easy inch nor you would don’t offer an inch, so what is the fuss about Randiv and Sehwag and Sanga and the wisest men and women (News Channels) exorcising the ghost called the spirit of cricket. It is pretty misleading controversy. It will only give more masala to hype up the next match India plays, then it will die its unnatural death.

This witch-hunt by the media has done a great deal of damage to the game of cricket and the spirit of the game.

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