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Jammu and Kashmir is the land of beauty beyond comprehension and compare, it becomes very easy to keep thinking of apt adjective to match the beauty and come up with nothing to describe the beauty that lays behold. Whoever said the wars are only for barren bits of land must eat his own words with gumption; if they were to pay a visit to this delightful haven. Jammu & Kashmir dismiss that notion with an absolute charm. J&K has been betrayed and conned by last century. I must confess I haven’t ever been there, I don’t have any relatives from there or someone from the kin posted there. It is the tense state of life that people seem to live there and thats something that bothers me to no end. The problem gets complex every day, and the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be diminshing everyday, perhaps hope is what you lose after you have to lose all that you can.

Are we losing hope on J&K?

There are so many stake holders, minority stake holders, plots, sub-plots,(political) party's plots, far cries and war cries in the whole J&K. The stake holders slug and wrestle, while the mere spectator, the common people is the one who is surely being victimized. It is sad. I truly believe that none of the stake holders , the local governments of Indian and Pakistan or the International Community (all permanent occupants of United Nations Organization) want a solution or if they are able to get one by God’s willing grace, it would be made sure it is not a long standing one. The will of the people wont ever be accepted.

Like it or hate it.

I would like to imagine things from a purely personal perspective. The fragile and eerie sense of tension and guilt is something that I must confess I don’t like but something I cannot disown or turn a blind eye to, at least not anymore. While there is a Muslim majority in the local state, hence a Pakistani claim, but they must surely know that religion alone cannot be basis on which they want to claim ownership of the land, if that’s honestly the case and valid even in some strange circumstance then the erstwhile East Pakistan would never be Bangladesh today. They just had a religion as a common bond. Moreover, the liberal and secular Kashmiri society and their will of pursuing values of Kashmiriyat (harmony, peace etc.) may not want to align itself with the factional, feudal and fundamentalist Pakistani setup a nexus of ISI-Army-Puppet Governments. I think the onus and ownership of these Pakistani setups have been rallied between different players, Pakistani and non Pakistani in origin. I imagine the Pakistani society ought to have minor elements of secular and liberal folks who wish well for Pakistan beyond filling their coffers, pockets and socks with loot. I dare cant say much about aspiration and will of society at large on Kashmir issue and Pakistan bent of morally supporting the valiant cause of Kashmir. Pakistan and the morality of nation is nothing more than a crude joke. Food, clothing and shelter still remains a dream still to be realized may be (just slight, may be) more than in India. The facts based on neutral accounts and studies rather than what is cooked here and we are made to believe.

Instrument of Accession,access denied?

The Indian claim largely is based on legal instrument the Instrument of Accession. I wonder if Pakistan would have backed sentiments even if Maharaja of Kashmir would have signed the Instrument of Accession earlier,would history have taken another course? The provision of temporary article in Indian constitution has led to a permanent and irreversible damage in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Yes we made a temporary provision in the book, but we have done little do dilute the resentment resulting out of alienation due to this temporary provision in the Constitution. It has alienated the people and kept them in the dark,instead of protecting their rights have make them inept to do their daily duties. It is for the people of Jammu & Kashmir to figure it out. I mean nobody will give up on them simple because it is too precious to be left alone. I mean they do have the option of being sacked by Pakistan of get Talibanized or see Chinese starting a new sugar factory there.

Line of Control that joins and distorts geographies and separates hearts

The Kashmiris too enjoyed the fruits but cursed the soil, did little to win the famed azadi and kept crying. All get rose with thorns that’s the beauty of roses. We too have not helped their cause,forced them to sit on wheelchairs saying it is a throne of privilege. Not suggesting to just shoo anyone away, but people must be inspired and motivate the truth. At least ask your brethren across the fences of Line of Control, what kind of Azadi they truly enjoy in the so called Azad Kashmir or Pak Occupied Kashmir or whatever.
As the situation presently stands and demands due to Talbanisation of Afghanistan and a possible re-Talibanization there, much more rabid, morbid and potent Ultra-Talbinzation of Northern Pakistan. The Kashmiri’s have less reduced choices. China too brings different set of worries to the table. It is will to bleed us out. They are the third neighbour enjoyed (may be fanning) the dispute. It seems thanking one neighbour for the shade in the day and thanking the other neighbour for the fruits in the evening while the two neighbouring farmers fight for the land. China has already has its presence in all our neighbours territories, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mynamar, and may be Maldives.

Misconstituted - misintented

The Indian Constitution is increasingly become something we swear at rather than swear by. There is no wonder that in High Schools, chapters in History text books, end abruptly on 26 January 1950. So as to say there is nothing historic after a specific date in 1950? The socio-political turmoil has never stopped. I think we have made many mistakes after that and the lesson have not be learnt, yet. We have sat far too long sat on laurels of history and keep proclaiming what was an idea. We were the golden bird a millennium back but that wont feed, shelter or clothe me for a day. The present along with the near past is a long list of embarrassing truths and blunders we need to understand accept and resolve never ever to repeat.
Indian Governments in first few decades of Independence ruled with tight fists in the guise of democracy and with people not having much choice were forced to choose only one option at least for first half a dozen General elections. As there was not much to hear in the name of opposition fractured policies and rigid stances have led to people to channelize their discontent in the form of violence, running parallel governments, defying states, spreading corruption.

Divided and misruled.

There have been various cases of divides, caste, language, religion, territorial, regional sub-regional,local and to the point of an electricity pole in a municipal ward. There is a little bit of Kahsmir in all our minds and hope that the problems the end come soon. We as a nation need to stand up,swallow bitter pills and do whats good for all instead of trying to appease somebody and by doing that ensuring, peace and prosperity is either locked away in hands of few or tied in a red tape and dumped in a dark corner of room piled up stack marked documents under review.

The right time is now,enough time has passed;streams full of blood and tears of agony and enough skeletons of misery and dismay have flown under the bridge of reluctance.I know I am far away Jammu & Kashmir to understand anyone agony,but I fear that even peace is afraid of a misadventure there.

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