Blog: Learning curve.

If you are on a learning curve and racing ahead faster and fester and even leaving the curve behind, is there a possibility that you hit a bump or just fall of the cliff off the learning curve and fall towards the nadir? The problem with hitting (or likely to hit) a nadir is you are never likely to hit it but keep going towards it. It can be painful or misleading or you could never ever realize it before everybody you ever knew is light years away from you physically and emotionally. But then it’s just a thought, a thought worth the blog. You are as good as you deeds and vice versa, every one will acknowledge and share your achievements and success but not many will acknowledge the pain of the efforts and hardships. I guess everyone is emotionally vulnerable, at least emotionally insecure. I say that without bringing in a sense of bargaining.

If you leave that behind and come to next point you may ponder about leading a balanced life. But there are so many things in the balance and so many things carving to be balanced. Priorities? Can you compartmentalize or segregate your life, into self, family, friends, other, career, duties etc. How does one ensure one doesn’t effect/impacts other compartment, so many things come to my mind, where do I start?I want to read, read a lot, haven’t been reading, watching and following cricket but then it is once too often. I hard to crawl out of the burden of self pity and stand up and decide to change back to the time that once was in ascendancy. It is so tough to live in present, can’t even find anyone to blame. It is definitely not as murkier as we think, a simple smile, a simply apology will resolve hosts of complex situation. Believe, Dream, Act.

I don’t know what am I waiting for in life, but some sense of reflection soothes a bit. There is not a lot of reason behind what you and I do; impulse doesn’t carry you long or far enough.


Sudeep said...

The best learning curve is achieved when one keeps living in the present balancing all priorities at an optimum level where there is no need to look back in past to point and say, "I had so much time then for this stuff". Life is not a straight road, so turns and bumps are part and parcel.

Tarun said...

@ Sudeep: What an Idea Sirji? :P Nah! i know the whats and ifs and butts of lifes, its the hows that scare me.