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A sense of resentment bounds mind and body to reclusive and uncharacteristic often to thoughts vitriolic and vicious kind. The need to disown and denounce should arise as a response to stimuli but, then it is something that doesn’t happen. I wonder why I don’t feel bad. It is often what is nearest to the eye never catches attention or something we search aimless realizing after a futile attempt what was it you were trying to search or that song which we hum in the write tune, tone and rhythm but never get the words.

I want so many things to happen. 

I saw this movie after a long time, movie was “Phas gaye Obama” nice movie, movie are a great way to unwind, unwind I must. It was a nice ensemble of casts, plots, characters and sub plots. It was incredulous but then not many of us watch movies willing, carry the message (if any) and apply it in our lives. If at all we carry anything out of the movie hall is a shopping list of things-to-buy (read apparel). I am not being critical of the movie, it was nice fun. I think for a long time that the support casts in Hindi movie are the real actors, others are just stars. The support casts have the finesse and (most) stars are gloss. I found the connection humorous between sub prime market/recession/biggest scam after Y2K and the story. It’s like nothing happens and you are doomed and then you keep jumping into different trouble only to find yourself lucky that you are alive. Once could have fret over the dialogues but then I don’t speak a chaste civilised type of vocabulary. I am not giving an excuse for me using the language that I do.

If life is cause and effect it should be predictable. If life gets too predictable (it never does) would it be too boring. The biggest risk on highway of life is to be too confident, boorishly crude and brash and find yourself stranded mid road with no help for any quarter. All this may happen even before you done with blinking your eye. It is simple advice (my advice, to me) to stay away from Over Confidence Avenue, there are no U turns.

It is amazing these things come to mind on a Sunday night rather than Friday evening. I don’t know if a Monday feels a hangover to everyone, at most times it feels a hangover to me. I wish all evenings feel like Friday evenings, wouldn’t life be a bit relaxed but then…

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Sudeep said...

I liked the movie. A bit of pace in a few scenes would have been better. One of the message though I found in it was save today for the rainy days :)