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The entire crisis in Egypt, people shouting Revolution, calling for a changed of government, rolling of head (metaphorically or literally) made me wonder, how long do Revolutions last? Do revolutions last at all? Do they deliver the sweep changes for which the seed of revolution germinated? Equality and Liberty are for all to cherish but turns more people sceptic and suspicious, seed of next revolution may be. Does revolution brings these values to the people whose tears of agony turned the battleground red

There have been many a revolutions in the recent memory and some in the annals of time, set off new trends and set of policies, underlining the fact, the more the things seem to change the more they remain same. There was more than one revolution where violence was the flag bearer and the foot soldier.

The din after the damn bang

The famous revolutions of history books, The American Revolution bought freedom but not equality until the near past, American Civil rights movement was perhaps as old as the American Revolution, but then racial segregation was a fact for more than 50 years. It leads to American civil war, another revolution in the making but segregation persisted until the 1960s. It is well documented less known, least discussed. However, it is amazing; the land of freedom and hope was not the same for one definite set of people.

The French Revolution helped us differentiate breads and cakes, other profound movement towards meritocracy lead to Napoleon seizing power, ending the republic, fuelling Napoleons ambitions, Napoleonic wars ensued, which ended with Little Corporal banished to a tiny island, at more than an arms length from

The dark 19 century saw colonization increase disparity among human race to a new nadir, a whole crop of revolution took seed. The sub-Saharan economies became an icon of social inequality, gross disparity, and poverty, not to be confused with GDP though. The words crime, ill health, substance abuse, and genocide slipped into the keywords column.

Russia another sub continental size country saw the worst of Anarchy in last 100 hundred years, known for its white and red revolution punctuated by KGB and Siberian prisons, forced labour. It lead a front in cold war, as tension exchanged hands between communism and capitalism. The communism fell with the Berlin Wall and capitalism dived blind after stocks markets pulled rugs, carpets, socks and stocking beneath. I wonder if we are as good as our competition. Russia finds itself ruling oligoarchy. After a very unstable and chaotic rule under Yelstin, Putin is helm of affair as the President, the Prime minister and the Duma of Russia.

The sublime sub-continent.

In the neighbour hood, violence and injustice prevails in the name of ideology. If one observes Pakistan and Bangladesh, a stable state needs more then just a common religion to forge ahead. Pakistan remains feudal and principles of Qaid-E-Azam have reduced to dust by his grave. A secular democratic peaceful Pakistan is shattered with every bomb blast and bullet that takes lives. Bangladesh is either about Mercedes or the footpath. But to their credit remains less sectarian, perhaps they have a language which is more common as another identity beyond religion, unlike former West Pakistan which has more feudal and reaping poisonous weeds of violence which it sowed, that too on the own turf..

India freedom struggle looks more intriguing with every passing year, especially against the present backdrop. I mean how cool was convincing the rulers to leave and grant freedom. There was a revolution movement almost a century earlier but then “why should I?” typifying our cultural DNA, looking for personal gain rather than social improvement mar many things which “could have been.” The systemic sycophancy and greed, amalgamated with poor leadership are fast eroding democratic values. The Indian judiciary seems to be working on principle resembling the Future Continuous Tense of English grammar. It is increasingly use by the guilty, inept and corrupt to protect them as Law takes its own (unguided, unchartered) course. Accountability is resembles a round circle. All other policy such a foreign policy, inter-national relations, our own opinion about or won brethren are topics which we don’t think much, parochial regionalist ambition are high on priority lists though. Long live Revolution.

Red Star and little red book

China meanwhile continues to leap forward but then keeps forced labour, unknown human right abuse, not so honest party by the side, like it take it. The fruits of power are enjoyed by the few, the social awakening simmers fuelling despair, but then the iron fists seem to have more than just absolute control. The Chinese leaders have talked of being more democratic, all has to be seen.

It interesting how things unravel in Egypt and will the revolution live long enough to see people meeting their aspirations. Let us all brew storm in tea cups.

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