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The hand that rocks the government ...

Ma, Amma, Jayalalitha will be the new Chief Minister in Tamil Nadu. She has ousted corrupt and nepotistic regime of DMK led by the now incumbent patriarch Karunanidhi. It is interesting to note that Karunanidhi was the one who had ousted corrupt and not so nepotistic J Jayalalitha as Chief Minister when the Chief Minister's seats were last exchanged. The pendulum of voters swings rather decisively in Tamil electoral politics. The past few elections the incumbent have gave way to the new Chief Minister, only to be kicked out by the opposition through the will of mandate. It has been Appa, Amma, Appa, Amma, not necessarily in that order.This isnt exactly the crux of the matter. It is easy to get the hitch, either its Amma or its Appa. While Amma was corrupt, Appa carried that theory home. Among his several wives and more than a few children dear leader lead one of the most money mongering regime, that would have made a (few) Cabinet Ministers literally a run for their monies.

One of the many few factors that lead to a rout of DMK was that Appa kept bringing the family close and started distancing the populace. 2G Scam didn’t help. A Raja the corrupt telecom minister committed two crimes, first he did all the financial swindling, and then he was caught doing it. The first one may be acceptable in accordance to the law of the land, second one surely (probably?) isn’t. There have been few jokes about Appa and his family, those have now gone stale, and the fresh bread is sold along with the news that its Amma will be the rising star on the horizon. Congress has successfully slay one more ally of theirs, Laloo Prasad, Pawar, Communists etc have been Congress allies, all bitten the dust in the last few elections. In the coming months, DMK will be dumped in the bin and tonne of garbage would be further dumped on them. One has to wait and see the court’s judgement on Appa daughter Kanimozhi in the coming time. It will be only fair that she goes to jail.

Its about (now showing) tantalizing drama called 2G Scam; Kanimozhi, if critics are to believe plays one of the Key roles that unlocked the exchequers room and money the money just vanish (snap your fingers to add effect). It is the end of dynasty of sorts; Karuna may not come back again as the Chief Ministers. He is well past the age for a Chief Minister. I am not sure, if kin may stay united to rally and claim power again. But stranger things have happened in politics.

 A few roadblocks ahead.

The other major state that saw election in which voting went on forever was the eastern state West Bengal. Thugs called they, Communists, mercilessly misruled it for more than three decades. They did nothing for the community they were supposedly chosen (heard of mass scale rigging?) to govern. They did nothing for good and oppressed every idea that could have improved the situation. They didn’t even let anyone come forward and do good who was willing to listen and work on peoples wishes. There were Chief Ministers who would enjoy a drink of scotch and puff foreign cigarettes that cost borne by the hapless, their daily bread and dreams of living with dignity. As the times evolved and communist ideology started to disappear into index pages of old cloth bound books and communist blocks crumbled under the weight of reality of the present. Bengal saw like many communist state the bourgeois and proletariat evolved into rulers and ruled. The state paid a heavy price of the ideology of strengthening the party and screwing the people. The party was effectively the Government. They claimed sole representation of the people for 34 long years. One was never fail to imagine the plight of people as people fed themselves with hunger and deprivation into utter poverty. The hammer and sickle ruled the state of West Bengal by atrocities and mayhem that were to mirror the rule of the erstwhile East India Company, only more methodical and more potent. It was during period of the Communists reign that the state of West Bengal found itself down in the list of every parameter representing hope, happiness, growth and development and found itself topping every list of neglect, paucity, disdain and misery. The mindset of people represent an era gone by. This is a mandate for change and hope.

The vociferous and virago Mamata Banerjee has her tasks cut out, may be advised to be in touch with one of her neighbouring Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar, his home state suffered similar fates at the hand of its previous leaders. Mamata has much to do. Their debt burden is increasing, the revenues are thin (if any), the industrial policy resembles a witch hunt manual and the industrial setup resembles a ghost town, painted in ugly shade of red. The scepticism of previous Governments policy will pave way for a better humane policy, will boost (read initiate) growth prospects so every one can add to growth and lead a life of dignity and respect.

Its a rude wake up call for the Communists. I bet no wake up calls are kind, this one is particularly ruled. The Communists have to align their interest with the intention of doing it for the country. It seemed to everyone for quiet sometime now that Indian national interest wasnt enlist their core beliefs. The will of people and nations interst should be core to the politics.

God’s own country, Communists own backyard.

Kerala, God’s own country, legend has it that Parashuram, Lord Vishnu’s avatar threw his angst in the Arabian Sea as a result Land of Kerala (and/or Konkan) came up. Kerala Like its neighbour witness change of government, which swing between Leftist government and left of Center governments. The incumbent is invariably thrown out and government is succeeding by the opposition part. This time around, Achutandan was thrown out. If anyone who don’t know who he is, he is the old rug whose claim to fame was saying, “Not even a dog would visit Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's house.” Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s died fighting Pakistani Terrorists in Taj Mahal hotel on 26/11. He was shoo away from his house though. Anyways sad part to know is that he won the elections. The good news is Left has been routed and left of Center Congress led UDF will be forming the next government. It was hear that the first elected communist government was elected.

Baba’s wave

Rahul Gandhi the great saviour of Congress is now the face of the hand that renders Allies meek and listless. His growing (really?) stature in Indian politics has seen Congress being routed in Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Pondicheerry. But to his credit, his great persona did help them win in Assam and Kerala and West Bengal. I cant confirm whether it more to do with his charismatic leadership of decent work by government in Assam, maintain a fragile peace as ULFA has been subdued in Assam. West Bengal for now seems to be Mamata doing and Lefts undoing contributing 50-50 to Lefts rout. He is a future Prime Minister and suppose to have more spine than Dr MMS.

These elections are a brief reflection of what is to come. But for now lets rejoice Ma (read Amma) Mamata and Baba’s victory. Indian politics can now breathe a sigh of release, as opposition will be based on values rather than age-old politics.

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DO you think values are still alive? or its been twisted nd turned as per their(politicians/individuals) needs?.....

well written though :))