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Indian Movies have had a deep impact on Indian society. It has been a sign of changing times. It is fair to say in many ways, movies have been a step head of our time and almost shown us a glimpse of how social changes likely to follow when tomorrow comes. The movies have been a chronicle of how society has evolved in the due course of time. The movies have detailed major events that left a mark on the dates of our history. The various themes have covered historical events, personalities, legends, thoughts and myths. Indian movies have given us icons many of whom have become facets of what’s good about Indian society. The Indian movies bind our society apart from cricket.

An illusion none the less.

It provides us an escape too, escape to a world of dreams. The songs, dialogues, costumes, looks and feel of it enamour us with situations that placate our lives for some time. It’s given rise and support to many industries, fashion/apparels for example. The radio industry is another that repeatedly plays popular song from old movies and promotes songs of new about-to-release movies. Ameen Sayani the legendary host on Radio was almost voice of Indian Radio for an eternity. I mean that was before television hijacked our lives. Tourism is another example. Tabloid industry is a major beneficiary. I mean imagine the morning paper without goof ups and break up and hook ups, morning tea won’t taste the same ever again. The (un) reality TV also gets their judges from here. These judges are no more in demand and TV seem to give them a life line.

Indian movies have reached to the classes and masses of all regions. The Indian movie industry as a whole is the largest number of productions and lowest ticket rates in the world. The Diaspora populace overseas has ensured that segment too is well feed in situations of the movies. The regional cinema in South Indian matches the Mumbai based Bollywood for exuberance and volumes of business and overwhelmingly beats it when it comes to mass following of actors.

The fact is ... 

The simplicity of movies has diminished now. It is more of a business now; I mean 3 to 4 movies are lined for a release in a weekend. The longevity of movies is reduced to two weekends or ten days. The movies and creative aspect is a cheap rip off some movie made in another corner of the Earth thing else. The movies are packaged with sleaze and raunchy. It is a must to have some controversy to rake up interest. A huge amount of time, energy and money is pumped in to promote and create a panic and repulsion to get audience queuing up to get a show. The only thing u might get after seeing these movies is regret and a tinge of red on your face of having washed away with a tinge of green.

The golden period of Hindi movies in particular and Indian movies in general were the 50s and 60s. The best people worked at that point in time. There were technical inadequate is for all to see. But then technology was simply not available. You also wonder how they movies were financed. There were weeks if not months before the next movie was to be released. The songs and tune and story lines from those old genres are now remade. I mean people are remixing R.D. Burman songs and dedicate those songs to none other than R.D. Burman. How genuine and insipid one would think. I sincerely believe that more than 4 out of fice songs remixed is nothing bbut a crowning glory of our ability to create something remotely originally. However, the movies getting digitized and Black and White movies getting redone coloured is a positive step.
There is a clear step down of type of movies that are being made. The possible reason the growth of various segements and marketable audience. There is this so called uber urban class, the college fellas, tier two cities, the expat clan, there are classes, masses and unbridled wild asses who hurry to see a movie. There is a loss of innocence and warmth of the movies of old.

I hope things change for the better coz movies are here to stay.

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