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Another set of blasts another blog. Its not the last sets of blasts that will ever be reported from Mumbai. The city being the center of finance, commerce, flash bulbs, fast moving trains and slow moving traffic. Big money and discarded coins find sleep in the same street. A blast in Mumbai serves more than one purpose, besides grabbing headlines. It underscores our lack of will and staying committed to not address the issue and keep it pending for one more time, till the next blasts. The countdown for next blasts has just begun.

This is all so very disgusting. It is a shameful actually, As a citizen of India we must accept that our live has worth less than that of fodder of equal weight. I mean people can dare to plan to execute us and then do what they want, knowing of repercussion, we carry this witch hunt, catch a few people, and keep the court cases running on Duracell batteries, which last forever. I am not sure of those cases running on Duracell batteries but Indian court cases especially criminal ones last longer then what Duracell into Durex can last. If we have to be a proud nation we have to be something to be proud of besides age old history, for now its vulnerability, anguish and disgust that I am proud of. I hope its temporary.

These kind of acts of terror should have stringent, potent and time bound deterrent. It should come from our law makers to stand up and make the punishment so harsh that people have to think twice before carrying out such cheap war mongering. There is no one who can predict such bizarre events. But could you say for sure that there is no support on the ground, and no one knew about it. It is too incredible to lie low and believe like an ostrich and bury ur heads in dust hoping that the troubles will just go away.

I increasingly believe that the foreign hand often blamed after every such attack has to have an Indian glove or an Indian mind. There are more than one sources of this terrorism with in the country and off course internationally. This synergy for this terror agenda is across time zones and socio-religious beliefs. The motive this time is not only to repulse.

The other facet of the story.

The Congress let government is increasingly under pressure due to all the corruption cases which bring to light the Congress Governments intention and ability to mislead and rule. The divide and rule policy seems to make a turn for the ugly. Its too early too take a call, but there are so many things that we may never know. One thing if for sure there would be a few cases that would be conveniently swept under the carpet in the din of these blasts.

I don’t think much will change. I would really turn skeptic is they do. The posts written on previous Bomb Blasts can be reviewed here on this link, provided you have the patience to read through. Its amazing how the same set of thoughts emerge and same kind of moods prevail when same unfourtunate events happen.

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